Island of Zvërnec

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Zvërnec Island
Native name:
Ishulli i Zvërnecit
The monastery of Zvernec.JPG
Zvërnec Island
LocationNarta Lagoon, Adriatic Sea
Coordinates40°31′02″N 19°24′06″E / 40.51722°N 19.40167°E / 40.51722; 19.40167
Area0.09 km2 (0.035 sq mi)
Length0.43 km (0.267 mi)
Width0.30 km (0.186 mi)
Highest elevation25 m (82 ft)

Zvërnec Island is an island within the Narta Lagoon in southern Albania.

The island is nearly all covered with tall pine trees and is just east of a much smaller island. It is 430m in length and has a maximum width of 300m. Zvërnec Island is connected to the mainland by a 270m long wooden bridge.

The island is a tourist attraction because it contains the well preserved 13th-14th century Byzantine Zvërnec Monastery.[1] Near the island lies the village that bears the same name. The island has an area about 9 hectares.

Zvërnec Monastery

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