Zona Viva

Geographic coordinate system Avenida Reforma Guatemala City

The Zona Viva (lively zone) is the name used to refer to a part of zone 10 in Guatemala City, east of Avenida Reforma and north of Bulevar de Los Próceres. It is considered a more affluent district with a high density of bars, restaurants, hotels and discothèques. In addition, a great number of shopping malls and office buildings makes this area a bustling business centre of Guatemala City.

Multiple well-known hotel chains run some of the finest addresses in the country here. In the past decades dozens of new highrise buildings have sprung up like wild mushrooms. However, this district remains a quite green area with many parkways.

Coordinates: 14°35′53″N 90°30′47″W / 14.598°N 90.513°W / 14.598; -90.513