Xinzhou District, Wuhan

Hubei Wuhan Hongshan District, Wuhan

Yangluo Yangtze River Bridge
Xinzhou is located in Hubei
Location in Hubei
Coordinates: 30°50′08″N 114°47′08″E / 30.8356°N 114.7855°E / 30.8356; 114.7855Coordinates: 30°50′08″N 114°47′08″E / 30.8356°N 114.7855°E / 30.8356; 114.7855[1]
CountryPeople's Republic of China
Sub-provincial cityWuhan
 • Total1,500.00 km2 (579.15 sq mi)
 • Total848,760
 • Density566/km2 (1,470/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+8 (China Standard)
Postal code
Wuhan district map

Xinzhou (Chinese: 新洲; pinyin: Xīnzhōu) is one of 13 urban districts of the prefecture-level city of Wuhan, the capital of Hubei Province, China, covering part of the city's northeastern suburbs and situated on the northern (left) bank of the Yangtze River. It is also the easternmost of Wuhan's districts. It borders the districts of Hongshan to the southwest and Huangpi to the west, as well as the prefecture-level cities of Huanggang to the north and east and Ezhou to the south.

The Wuhan Yangluo Airfield (武汉阳逻机场) is located in Xinzhou District.


In early July 2019, there were protests against plans for a new incinerator in Yangluo Subdistrict.[5]


Map including Xinzhou (labeled as Hsin-chou (Sinchow) (walled) 新洲) (1953)

Administrative divisions

Xinzhou District administers:[6][7][8]

Name (translation) Chinese (S)
Zhucheng Subdistrict 邾城街道
Yangluo Subdistrict (Yang-lo) 阳逻街道
Cangbu Subdistrict 仓埠街道
Wangji Subdistrict 汪集街道
Liji Subdistrict 李集街道
Sandian Subdistrict 三店街道
Pantang Subdistrict 潘塘街道
Jiujie Subdistrict Old Street 旧街街道
Shuangliu Subdistrict 双柳街道
Zhangduhu Subdistrict 涨渡湖街道
Xinchong Subdistrict 辛冲街道
Xugu Subdistrict 徐古街道
Fenghuang Township Phoenix 凤凰
Daoguanhe Office 道观河风景旅游管理处
Yangluo Development Zone 阳逻开发区


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