Victor Gao

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Victor Zhikai Gao
Victor Gao, Vice President, Center for China & Globalization, China - cropped.jpg
Victor Gao speaking at the 2019 Horasis Global China Business Meeting
EducationJ.D. degree
M.A. in Political Science
M.A. in English Language and Literature
Alma materYale University
Beijing University of Foreign Studies
OccupationInternational Relations expert

Victor Zhikai Gao (born 1962) (Chinese: 高志凯; pinyin: Gāo Zhìkǎi) is a Chinese international relations expert and translator.[1][2] He is a Director of the China National Association of International Studies[3] and an Executive Director of Beijing Private Equity Association.[4] He is best known for his position as the late paramount leader Deng Xiaoping's translator and currently an international expert on Chinese issues.[1]


Gao graduated with a J.D. degree from Yale Law School.[5][6] He received an M.A. in Political Science from Yale Graduate School. He graduated from a M.A. in English Language and Literature from Beijing University of Foreign Studies.[5][6]


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