Universidad Santa María (Venezuela)

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Saint Mary University
Universidad Santa María
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Motto"A challenge to excellence" '
RectorJosé Ceballos Gamardo
Students20.000 approximately
Venezuela Caracas, Distrito Capital (Capital of Venezuela)
CampusUrban Approximately 450,000 square meters
ColorsBlue and White
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Saint Mary University (Spanish: Universidad Santa María) (USM) is a private university in Venezuela. USM has campuses in several cities, such as Caracas (where the main campus is located), Puerto La Cruz, Barinas and Puerto Ayacucho.

The university was founded on October 13, 1953, by Lola de Fuenmayor in El Paraíso neighborhood (Southwestern Caracas), then in 1983 the main campus of the university was built in La Florencia (East Caracas).



Saint Mary Shield

In his inscription reads: Saint Mary University (Spanish: Universidad Santa María) founded in 1953, with the words God, Country and Home.


It is light blue with the shield engraved in the center, usually placed in the central square with the national flag.


Saint Mary University Mascot

It was a lion named Ibrahim, and a lioness named Luna, both died. After, the Saint Mary University brought another lion called Friguela, who reigned for many years in the University. Nowadays, the University doesn't have any lion alive at the campus.



Headquarter, The Florence (Spanish: La Florencia)

It is built on an area of 450,000 square meters, of which 200,000 are infrastructure including buildings (15 in total, where the various faculties and administrative offices are located), internal circulation roads and green areas. In this place all races work: Administration, Accounting, Economics, Social Communication, Law, International Studies, Pharmacy, Civil Engineering, Industrial, Systems and Telecommunications; Architecture and Odontology.

Campus Saint Mary University

Student groups, The Florence At the headquarters of the Florence they are constituted multiple student teams that promote university life in the institution, among them are:


Currently in management University Student Government the following facilities:

Postgraduate Headquarter

The original headquarters is located in The Paradise (Spanish:El Paraiso), keeping its historical interest was completely remodeled to become the great Center of Postgraduate Studies. Currently it is appropriate and central building, with classrooms and amphitheaters designed for these studies. Library, parking and other services that make up a set of comprehensive quality development of academic activities, where extension courses, specialization and master's degrees as well as doctorates are held. Studies in this office takes a practical, functional, innovative concept and perfectly connected to the national reality

Postgraduate Headquarter

Headquarter East-Puerto La Cruz

Among the projects decentralization in 1994 Saint Mary University is established with its own headquarters in Barcelona, Anzoategui, based on a modern building set in 28,000 square meters of land located in the intercommunal Avenue Barcelona.

This important site starts working on January 23, 1995 and has classrooms acclimated to the area design; library, also adapted to the environment, modern computer labs with sophisticated equipment and programs in different areas. It is an educational complex with ample parking, all services and modern café located in a small shopping center surrounded by green areas.

Amazon Headquarter-Puerto Ayacucho

Saint Mary University founded in 1999 in the Amazon a university nucleus where students study Law, Economics, Accounting and Business Administration State. This office works in two shifts: morning and night.

The core features spacious and comfortable classrooms, library, computer lab and cafeteria whose facilities are located in a nice air-conditioned hut. The whole atmosphere is carefully adapted to the environment of the Venezuelan Amazon region and to the needs of the community. It is a great constitutional effort that contributes to family unity and cultural development of the region.

In this seat racing Law, Social Communication, Accounting, Administration, Pharmacy, Civil Engineering, Industrial and Systems work.

Headquarter Barinas

Headquarters Barinas

This core began operations in 2004 and emerged as an academic option to capture a large student population eager to train in social sciences, scientific and administrative area.

In this place students study law, Social Communication, Accounting, Civil Engineering, Industrial and Systems.

Saint Mary Firefighters

The Volunteer Fire Department University is a nonprofit organization founded on May 10, 2010, in order to create an institution within the campus to provide protection to the student and working population; while it is offering to anyone who wishes to be part of this body the opportunity to become a professional firefighter University.

Firefighters Shield

Notable alumni


Coordinates: 10°29′32″N 66°46′48″W / 10.49222°N 66.78000°W / 10.49222; -66.78000