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The United Nations Association in Canada (UNA-Canada) is an historic, national charitable organization providing the leading policy voice on multilateralism in Canada. Established in 1946, UNA-Canada was a founding member of the World Federation of United Nations Association.

UNA-Canada's mission is to educate and engage Canadians in the work of the UN and the critical international issues that affect all. The Association believes that "A strong and effective United Nations is essential if we are to secure a future based on equality, dignity and justice for all". UNA-Canada is dedicated to promoting constructive Canadian participation in the United Nations system and to growing global citizens in Canada who embrace the principles of the UN Charter.[1]

The Association meets its mandate with a national network of 20,000 members and supporters, 20 volunteer branches spread from coast to coast and north into the Territories, and education programmes that are inspiring and mobilizing Canadians in support of the principles and critical work of the UN.

UNA-Canada has five signature programme areas. The overarching mandate is to foster understanding of an engagement in the broad spectrum of the Sustainable Development Goals, which have been set as guiding principles for the UN System, and the global community as a whole, between 2015 and 2030.

UNA-Canada aims to:

  1. Be the Canadian Centre of Excellence in Model UN Assemblies (MUN) and other empathy-based learning innovations such as the New Diplomacy of Natural Resources.
  2. Build and enhance the Association's already effective, competitive and prestigious internship programmes, such as the International Development & Diplomacy Internship Programme (IDDIP) and Canada Green Corps.
  3. To celebrate United Nations Day, UN Season in Canada, and other UN designated days across Canada.
  4. To implement national speaker/thinkers to elevate and increase national discussion on Canada's Place in the World.
  5. To run Innovative Projects–Building a Better World that integrate or enhance the UN's charter and UNA-Canada's Strategic expertise. UNA-Canada's educational programmes, such as Sport-in-a-Box, Building Young Entrepreneurs for Sustainable Employment, and Canada's Diversity Advantage strongly emphasize diversity.[2]


UNA-Canada is building a stronger, more outward looking Canada ready to accept the greatest challenges by growing global citizens. For this it runs various programmes, which are as follows:

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