Umbrella for Democratic Change

Duma Boko Botswana People's Party Botswana Movement for Democracy
Umbrella for Democratic Change
PresidentDuma Boko
Vice-presidentDumelang Saleshando
FounderDuma Boko
FoundedNovember 2012
IdeologySocial democracy
Christian left
Democratic socialism
Third way
Political positionCentre-left
Colours     Blue
SloganEmbrace change
Advocate for change
Coalition PartnersBNF
National Assembly
15 / 65
0 / 5
Pan-African Parliament
0 / 5

The Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) is a political alliance in Botswana.[1]

The UDC was founded in November 2012 by members from various opposition parties, including the BPP and BMD. They rallied together in the run-up to the 2014 elections by the Botswana National Front (BNF), the Botswana Movement for Democracy and the Botswana People's Party with the aim of uniting the opposition in the 2014 elections. In February 2017 the Botswana Congress Party, which contested the 2014 elections independently, joined the coalition. The coalition is currently led by Duma Boko from the BNF and plans to contest the 2019 general election jointly, standing a single opposition candidate in each constituency against the ruling Botswana Democratic Party.[2]

The organization of the opposition parties presented an unprecedented challenge to the longtime-ruling BDP, but the BDP was victorious in elections held on October 24, 2014. Their vote share, which garnered 37 seats, allowed them to maintain a majority in the National Assembly, although it won fewer seats than it had in previous elections.[3]

The UDC won 17 seats and the Botswana Congress Party won 3 seats[4]. Ian Khama was easily reelected by the legislative body to another term as president.[citation needed]

In October 2018, the BMD was expelled from the coalition after it refused to forgo contesting constituencies that had originally been allocated to it.[5][6]

After the 2019 Botswana general election, Duma Boko charged there were “massive electoral discrepancies” and said he wanted to challenge the election in court. Official results show the BDP winning 38 of 57 constituencies.[7]

Electoral history

National Assembly elections

Election Party leader Votes % Seats +/– Position Government
2014 Duma Boko 207,113 30.01%
17 / 63
Increase 11 Steady 2nd Opposition
2019 279,594[7] 36.37%
15 / 63
Decrease 3[a] Steady 2nd Opposition


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