Turan University

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Turan University
Тұран Университеті
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MottoTuran for those who believe in themselves and strive for success
Established1992 (1992)
ChairmanSeidumanov S.T.
RectorAlshanov R.A.
43°14′15″N 76°56′25″E / 43.2374°N 76.9404°E / 43.2374; 76.9404Coordinates: 43°14′15″N 76°56′25″E / 43.2374°N 76.9404°E / 43.2374; 76.9404

Turan University (Kazakh: Тұран Университеті, Turan Ýnıversıteti; Russian: Университет Туран) is one of the first and largest non-state universities in Almaty, Kazakhstan. It was established in 1992. Turan University is a full-cycle educational institution: lyceum – college – bachelor – master – doctorate Ph.D. - dissertation council.

Turan University’s educational system includes three faculties: Humanities and Law, Economics, Academy of Film and Television. The university employs 361 full-time teachers, including 55 doctors of science, professors, 215 candidates of science and associate professors, 1 doctor Ph.D. In addition to them, the educational process provides more than 49 practitioners, scientists, and teachers.


The university has its own campus with a total area of 35 000 m². The main building is 7 stories tall and hosts the administration and the Economics, Humanities and Law faculties. The campus includes three football pitches, three sports halls, and a dormitory.


Educational Corporation "Turan" is a holistic system that provides the principle of continuity and multi-stage education, and includes:


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