Trim Road

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Trim Road (Ottawa Road #57) is an arterial road in the eastern end of Orléans, Ontario, a suburb of Ottawa. It serves as the only road access to Petrie Island and its public beach in the Ottawa River. From Petrie Island, Trim runs south through the eastern suburban areas of Orleans and then south into rural former Cumberland Township. It travels through the communities of Chartrand and Navan before ending at Perreault Road. It has a total length of 14.4 km (8.9 mi) and connects with Regional Road 174 that connects with Highway 417 further to the west. Its status as a numbered road in Ottawa's city road status ends at Innes Road on the south side of Orleans.

Ottawa's busiest transit line, OC Transpo Route 95, reaches this road at Trim station[1] where it is currently the bus route's eastern terminus. An important park and ride facility was built which is heavily used by commuters from the rural east and Rockland as well as residents from the growing communities of Fallingbrook and Avalon. A second park and ride facility (Millennium station) was built on Trim Road east of Avalon again in response of growth in the area.

Trim Road south of Innes marks the border between the eighth and ninth concessions of Cumberland Township.

Trim represents the eastern boundary of the booming communities of Avalon and Notting Gate which brought extensive volume to Trim. Some commercial space is currently added in the area and it may represent the eastern terminus of a future transit corridor and possible east-west light rail line.


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