Transit Eastern Ontario

OC Transpo Casselman, Ontario Canada
Transit Eastern Ontario
TEO logo.png
ParentNorth Glengarry Prescott Russell Transport Board
LocaleEastern Ontario
Service typeCommuter bus
AllianceOC Transpo
DestinationsGatineau, Quebec
Ottawa, Ontario
Operator417 Bus Line

Transit Eastern Ontario (TEO) (French: Transport est-ontarien) was a commuter bus service which operated from communities along the Highway 417 corridor, east of Ottawa in Eastern Ontario, Canada. The main destinations were Canadian federal government office complexes in Ottawa and in Gatineau across the river in the Outaouais region.

The North Glengarry Prescott Russell (NGPR) Transport Board, composed of representatives of the member municipalities, was the incorporated public body responsible for the transit service which was operated by private contractors. Initial funding for this project was provided by the counties of Prescott-Russell and Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry with operating costs being covered by the Village of Casselman, Township of North Glengarry and The Nation Municipality, the communities being served.[1]


The route numbers are part of the Rural Partners Transit Service of OC Transpo.[2] All routes served Downtown Ottawa and the Place du Portage complex in Gatineau.

TEO Bus Routes
No. Communities Served Notes
552 Finch, Berwick, Crysler Via Limoges Park & Ride
553 Limoges
555 St. Isidore, Casselman
556 Casselman, Limoges Also serves Tunney's Pasture in Ottawa
558 St. Isideore, Casselman Express route via Highland Road
559 St. Albert, Casselman