Tox (protocol) Skype BlackBerry 10
Developer(s)2go Interactive (Pty) Ltd
Initial release2007
Operating systemAndroid, Java ME, Linux, BlackBerry OS BlackBerry 10
TypeInstant Messenger, Mobile Social Network

2go is a free mobile social networking application developed by 2go Interactive (Pty) Ltd in Cape Town, South Africa. 2go supports over 1,500 different devices, including feature phones, in addition to Android, BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry 10 smartphones.[1][2] 2go has over 50 million registered users across Africa with 13 million active users based within Nigeria.[3][4][5]


2go is currently based in Cape Town, South Africa, but originated in Johannesburg. 2go was created in 2007 by a couple of University of Witwatersrand students as a communication tool.[4] 2go started as a mobile website and was used to upload and share the students' timetables and lectures with each other.[4][6] In 2008, two of the founders left, leaving Alan Wolff and Ashley Peter behind.[7] Under their management, 2go moved away from the students-only model by targeting developing markets in Africa.[4][8] 2go continued to grow, despite a lack of external investment, due to its focus on feature phones, which most African mobile markets consist out of.[9] Over 7 billion messages are sent across the service each month, most of which within paid-for chat rooms using the platform's currency, GoCredits.[10] In June 2013, 2go for Android was released on the Google Play Store and has, as of December 2014, reached over 2 million monthly active users on Android.[11][12] The Android version brought forth many design changes and additions that other platforms received in the v3.5 release.[13][14] 2go for BlackBerry 10 was released in April 2014.[2] The latest release was version 3.8.


2go is a full featured feature phone instant messaging application.[4] Supported devices require Java and internet connectivity via CSD, GPRS, 3G or WiFi to operate.[15][16] Originally intended as a feature phone exclusive application,[4] versions for Android, BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry 10 powered smartphones have also been released.[1][2][13] 2go offers one-on-one and group chat services in addition to paid-for chat room facilities which makes use of the platform's GoCredits currency, which is also spent on games and other content.[17]

2go Fastlane – 2go added a new feature to the messenger called 2go 6.2.0 fastlane. From this fastlane, you get quick access to live Sports Updates, up to date news from Supersports and News24. [18]

Supported platforms

2go is available on a variety of mobile and computing platforms, each independently developed for the platform. These are:


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