The Passionate Eye

The Fifth Estate (TV program) CBC News CBC News Network

The Passionate Eye is a Canadian documentary television series, which airs on CBC News Network. It has been airing since 1992[1] and has had a website since 2002.[2]

The series presents documentary programming from around the world.

The program's former host was Michaƫlle Jean, who was appointed the new Governor General of Canada effective September 27, 2005. She was not replaced by a permanent host; the series continued under a hostless format until 2015, when Wendy Mesley became the series host.

The show formerly also aired on CBC Television's main network, but was replaced there by Doc Zone and later Firsthand. The Passionate Eye continues to air on CBC News Network several times a week.

It was originally a Sunday-debuting show for years[2] but dropped "Sunday" from its website URL as it began to air episodes more regularly in its third decade.


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