The Other Europe

Communist Refoundation Party Paolo Ferrero Alexis Tsipras
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The Other Europe

L'Altra Europa
ChairmanMassimo Torelli
Founded5 March 2014
Dissolved14 September 2019[1][2]
IdeologyDemocratic socialism
Political positionLeft-wing
European affiliationParty of the European Left (observer)
European Parliament groupGUE/NGL
Colours     Red
Alexis Tsipras speaks during The Other Europe rally in Bologna

The Other Europe (Italian: L'Altra Europa), whose full name was The Other Europe with Tsipras (L'Altra Europa con Tsipras, AET),[3] was a left-wing political organisation in Italy. It took part to the 2014 European Parliament election in support of Alexis Tsipras, the candidate of the Party of the European Left for President of the European Commission.[4]


In the 2014 EP election the list obtained 4.0% of the vote, just above the 4% threshold, and 3 elects to the European Parliament: Eleonora Forenza (Communist Refoundation Party), Curzio Maltese (independent, later Left Ecology Freedom) and Barbara Spinelli (independent). After the election, they joined the European United Left–Nordic Green Left (GUE/NGL) Group. In May 2015 Spinelli left AET, becoming an independent MEP within GUE/NGL.[5]

In July 2015 two senators, Fabrizio Bocchino and Francesco Campanella, elected in the 2013 general election with the Five Star Movement and later founding members of the short-lived Italy Work in Progress party, launched a sub-group named "The Other Europe with Tsipras" within the Mixed Group of the Senate. In March 2016 the sub-group was folded into Italian Left, which had been launched primarily by Left Ecology Freedom and dissidents of the Democratic Party.


AET was founded on 5 March 2014 in Rome by some Italian intellectuals, Andrea Camilleri, Paolo Flores d'Arcais, Luciano Gallino, Marco Revelli, Barbara Spinelli and Guido Viale.[6] The alliance was then composed of the following parties:[7][8][9]

Party Main ideology Leader
Left Ecology Freedom (SEL) Democratic socialism Nichi Vendola
Communist Refoundation Party (PRC) Communism Paolo Ferrero
Greens of South Tyrol Green politics Giorgio Zanvettor
Civil Action (AC) Anti-corruption policies Antonio Ingroia
Pirate Party (PP) Pirate policies Luca Cappelletti
Independence Republic of Sardinia (IRS) Sardinian nationalism Gavino Sale



Advisory Committee

Current members:

Former members:

Electoral results

European Parliament

European Parliament
Election year Votes % Seats +/– Leader
2014 1,108,457 (6th) 4.03
3 / 73

Regional Councils

Region Election year Votes % Seats +/−
Piedmont 2014 19,467 (11th) 1.0
0 / 50
Trentino 2018 2,101 (18th) 0.8
0 / 35
Veneto 2015 44,676 (15th) 0.8
0 / 51
Liguria 2015 3,937 (12th) 0.7
0 / 31
Marche 2015 20,266 (8th) 3.8
0 / 31
Umbria 2015 5,561 (11th) 1.6
0 / 20
Apulia 2015 14,513 (11th) 0.9
0 / 51
Calabria 2014 10,062 (13th) 1.3
0 / 30


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