Tennessee State Route 73

U.S. Route 441 in Tennessee U.S. Route 321 in Tennessee Great Smoky Mountains National Park

State Route 73 primary markerState Route 73 secondary marker

State Route 73
Route information
Maintained by TDOT
Length101.76 mi (163.77 km)
Major junctions
West end I-40 / US 321 / SR 95 in Lenoir City
  I-75 in Lenoir City
US 129 in Maryville
Foothills Parkway in Walland
US 441 in Pigeon Forge
Gatlinburg Bypass in Gatlinburg
US 441 in Gatlinburg
Foothills Parkway in Cosby
US 321 near Cosby
I-40 near Cosby
North end US 25 / US 70 in Newport
CountiesLoudon, Blount, Sevier, Cocke
Highway system
SR 72SR 73US 74
SR 336SR 337SR 338

State Route 73 (SR 73) is west-north state highway in East Tennessee. For most of its length, it is an unsigned companion route to U.S. Route 321 (US 321).

Route description

SR 73 begins at an interchange with Interstate 40 (I-40) concurrent with U.S. Route 321 (US 321) and SR 95 south of Oak Ridge and north of Lenoir City. The three highways head south to an intersection with US 70 and I-75 in Lenoir City. They then continue southeast to intersect US 11 in Lenoir City. SR 95 leaves US 321 and SR 73 south of Lenoir City, The two highways head east into Blount County traveling just south of Friendsville. On the edge of Maryville the highways have a short concurrency with SR 335 and intersect US 129, in downtown they intersect US 411 and SR 33. The highways then proceed out of Maryville and intersect Foothills Parkway's western segment in Chilhowee, turn south and then back east to Townsend where the highways intersect SR 73 Scenic. US 321 and mainline SR 73 turn north and SR 73 Scenic heads east into the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The highways then continue northeasterly through Wears Valley to Pigeon Forge where they turn south onto US 441 and travel concurrent for 8.5 miles (13.7 km) to Gatlinburg (just before Gatlinburg, they have an interchange with Gatlinburg Bypass), where SR 73 and US 321 turn east and US 441 heads south. They then absorb and begin a concurrency with SR 32 in Cosby and intersect Foothills Parkway's eastern segment. SR 73 then leaves US 321 and SR 32 south of Newport. It then has a second interchange with I-40 and heads northerly to terminate at US 25 and US 70 on the east side of Newport.

Between Lenoir City and the second intersection with SR 32 in Cosby, SR 73 is an unsigned primary highway designated east-west. For the rest of its length, it is a signed secondary highway designated north-south.

Junction list

LoudonLenoir City00.0 I-40 / US 321 begin / SR 95 north (White Wing Road) – Oak Ridge, Knoxville, NashvilleNorthern terminus of US 321, western terminus of SR 73 and begin US 321 and SR 95 overlap; I-40 exit 364; SR 73 begins as an unsigned primary highway
US 70 (Kingston Pike/SR 1) – Kingston, Knoxville
I-75 – Chattanooga, KnoxvilleI-75 exit 81
US 11 (Broadway Street) – Loudon, Farragut
SR 444 west (Tellico Parkway) – Tellico VillageInterchange; eastern terminus of SR 444
SR 95 south – Greenbackeast end of SR 95 overlap
BlountFriendsville SR 333 north (E Main Avenue)Southern terminus of SR 333
Maryville SR 335 south (William Blount Drive)Begin SR 335 overlap
SR 335 north (Old Glory Road)End SR 335 overlap
SR 446 east (Foothills Mall Drive) to US 129Foothills MallWestern terminus of SR 446
US 129 (Alcoa Highway/SR 115) – Alcoa, RobbinsvilleProvides access to McGhee Tyson Airport
US 411 (West Broadway Ave/SR 33) – Rockford, Madisonville
SR 336 south (Montvale Road)Northern terminus of SR 336
SR 447 north (S Washington Street) to US 411 – AlcoaSR 447 is unsigned it is just signed as a connector to US 411/SR 35; southern terminus
WallandFoothills ParkwayTop of The World, Chilhowee Lake, Great Smoky Mountains National Park Look Rock areaInterchange
SR 73 Scenic east (E Lamar Alexander Parkway/SR 337 east) – Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Western terminus of SR 73 Scenic and unsigned SR 337
SevierWears ValleyFoothills ParkwayInterchange; eastern terminus of western segment of the Foothills Parkway
Pigeon Forge US 441 north (Parkway/SR 71 north) – SeviervilleBegin overlap with US 441/SR 71
SR 449 north (Dollywood Lane/Veterans Boulevard) – DollywoodSouthern terminus of SR 449
GatlinburgGatlinburg BypassCherokee, Great Smoky Mountains National ParkInterchange; Northern terminus of Gatlinburg Bypass

US 441 south / SR 73 Scenic west (Parkway/SR 71 south) – Cherokee, Great Smoky Mountains National Park
East end US 441/SR 71 overlap; eastern terminus of SR 73 scenic
GatlinburgPittman Center line SR 454 north (Buckhorn Road)Southern terminus of SR 454
Pittman Center SR 416 north (Pittman Center Road)Southern terminus of SR 416
CockeCosby SR 32 southBegin SR 32 overlap
Foothills Parkway to I-40Western terminus of eastern segment of the Foothills Parkway
SR 339 west (Jones Cove Road) – SeviervilleEastern terminus of SR 339
US 321 north / SR 32 north (Cosby Highway) – NewportEnd of US 321 and SR 32 overlap; SR 73 becomes signed as a secondary highway; SR 73 changes cardinal directions from east-west to north-south
I-40 – Knoxville, AshevilleI-40 exit 440
Newport101.76163.77 US 25 / US 70 (E Broadway Street/SR 9) – Newport, Del Rio, Hot SpringsNorthern terminus; SR 73 ends as a signed secondary highway
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Scenic route

State Route 73 Scenic
LocationTownsendGreat Smoky Mountains National Park

State Route 73 Scenic (SR 73 Scenic) is a spur route of SR 73 in Blount and Sevier counties in the eastern portion of Tennessee. It serves as a connector route into the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The road runs from Townsend to southwest of Gatlinburg. The route is also called Fighting Creek Gap Road[1] from US 441 to the Elkmont Campground entrance and Little River Gorge Road[2] to the Towsend Entrance Road. Locals often refer to this stretch of park road as "Little River Road" as this road follows the former roadbed of the Little River Railroad along the Little River from the Townsend entrance to the Park to Elkmont.

It begins at US 321 and mainline SR 73 in Townsend and heads east into the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and ends its signed portion at Laurel Creek Road which goes to Cades Cove. The unsigned portion begins and ends at US 441 in the park south of Gatlinburg, It then becomes signed again and turns north on to US 441/SR 71 and follows US 441/SR 71 for 2.7 miles to US 321/SR 73 in downtown Gatlinburg where it ends.

TDOT has this route internally designated as State Route 337 (SR 337).[citation needed]

SR 73 Scenic was formerly a portion of SR 73, which was moved to US 321 when that route was extended to the area in 1981.[citation needed]

BlountTownsend US 321 (East Lamar Alexander Parkway/Townsend Entrance Road/SR 73) – Maryville, Pigeon ForgeWestern terminus
Great Smoky Mountains National ParkLaurel Creek Road – Cades Cove
SevierWear Gap Road – Wears Valley
Elkmont Road – Elkmont
US 441 south (Newfound Gap Road/SR 71 south) – Gatlinburg, CherokeeWestern end of US 441/SR 71 concurrency
Gatlinburg BypassPigeon ForgeInterchange
Gatlinburg US 441 north / US 321 north (East Parkway/Parkway/SR 71 north/SR 73 north) – Pigeon Forge, CosbyEastern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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