Secretary General of the Organization of American States

Organization of American States United States Alberto Lleras Camargo

According to the Charter of the Organization of American States:

Secretary-General of the
Organization of American States
Luis Almagro.jpg
Luis Almagro

since 26 May 2015 (2015-05-26)
Organization of American States
StyleHis Excellency
ResidencePan American Union Building
Washington, D.C., U.S.
NominatorOrganization of American States
AppointerGeneral Assembly
Term length5 years
(renewable, traditionally limited to 2 terms)
Constituting instrumentOrganization of American States
Inaugural holderAlberto Lleras Camargo
Formation1948; 72 years ago (1948)
The Secretary General shall direct the General Secretariat, be the legal representative thereof, and [...] be responsible to the General Assembly for the proper fulfillment of the obligations and functions of the General Secretariat.
The Secretary General of the Organization shall be elected by the General Assembly for a five-year term and may not be reelected more than once or succeeded by a person of the same nationality. In the event that the office of Secretary General becomes vacant, the Assistant Secretary General shall assume his duties until the General Assembly shall elect a new Secretary General for a full term.
The Secretary General, or his representative, may participate with voice but without vote in all meetings of the Organization.
The Secretary General may bring to the attention of the General Assembly or the Permanent Council any matter which in his opinion might threaten the peace and security of the Hemisphere or the development of the Member States.

Secretaries General of the OAS

# Period Name Country
1 1948–1954 Alberto Lleras Camargo  Colombia
2 1954 – 19 October 1955 Carlos Dávila
Died while in office
3 1956–1968 José Antonio Mora  Uruguay
4 1968–1975 Galo Plaza  Ecuador
5 1975–1984 Alejandro Orfila  Argentina
6 1984–1994 João Clemente Baena Soares  Brazil
7 1994–2004 César Gaviria
Re-elected to a second term at the 1999 General Assembly
8 15 September 2004 – 15 October 2004 Miguel Ángel Rodríguez
 Costa Rica
15 October 2004 – 26 May 2005 Luigi R. Einaudi (acting)  United States
9 26 May 2005 – 26 May 2015 José Miguel Insulza
Elected 2 May 2005 (see: OAS Secretary General election, 2005), re-elected on 24 March 2010
10 26 May 2015 - present Luis Almagro  Uruguay

Assistant Secretaries General of the OAS


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