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Schittulli Political Movement (Italian: Movimento Politico Schittulli) is a political party in Italy active in Apulia, founded in 2009 by the surgeon Francesco Schittulli.


The movement was launched in 2009 for the candidacy of Francesco Schittulli to the presidency of the province of Bari. Schittulli, supported by the centre-right coalition, won the electoral competition with the 50.05% of the vote, while the Schittulli Movement obtained the 9.5% of the vote and 5 provincial councillors.[1]

Schittulli was candidated for president in the 2015 Apulian regional election, but after the political breaking between Raffaele Fitto and Silvio Berlusconi he was supported by only a part of the centre-right coalition (Schittulli Political Movement, Popular Area, Over with Fitto and Brothers of Italy), while Forza Italia supported the candidacy of Adriana Poli Bortone.[2] Finally, Schittulli finished third, behind Michele Emiliano (Democratic Party) and Antonella Laricchia (Five Star Movement), but surpassing the other centre-right candidate, Adriana Poli Bortone.[3] Schittulli obtained the 18.29% of the vote, while his movement (in a single list with Popular Area) obtained the 6.36% of the vote and 4 seats in the regional council.