Royal Grenada Police Force

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Royal Grenada Police Force
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Royal Grenadian Police station, Grand Anse, St. George's, Grenada

The Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) is responsible for law enforcement in Grenada. The RGPF enforces criminal, immigration, and maritime laws. It is also held responsible for seaport security and fire services. With 15 police stations and 900 staff members, the force responds to over 15,000 crimes and incidents per year. The Royal Grenada Police Force also has a paramilitary force for national defense.[1]

It consists of 650 members, which includes an 80-member special services unit, a 30-member coast guard and an Immigration and Passport Department.


The RGPF dates back to 1853. In 1854, the RGPF was based at Fort George. During the brief revolutionary era in the early 80s, the RGPF was known simply as the Grenada Police Service. During this period, the police lost virtually all of its authority and was forced to delegate many of its powers with the newly formed People's Revolutionary Army. Its headquarters under the leadership of Prime Minister Maurice Bishop was moved from Fort George (renamed by that time to Fort Rupert) to Melville Street on 24 May 1979. The name was reverted and the police headquarters returned to Fort George following on 25 October 1983 following the military coup that was led by General Hudson Austin and the United States invasion of Grenada.[2] Prior to 1984, officers recruited into the force were trained at the Regional Police Training Centre in Barbados. Between the 1905–1907, the National Band of Grenada was established in the RGPF as a drum and Bugle Corps. It was then called the Government Band, which comprised volunteers including tradesmen. On 1 August 1967, the band was renamed RGPF band having Mr. Switch De Couteau as its first Inspector of Police as bandmaster.[3]

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