Royal Gold Medal

Charles Robert Cockerell Ove Arup Karl Richard Lepsius
English architect Charles Robert Cockerell was the first recipient of the Royal Gold Medal in 1848.

The Royal Gold Medal for architecture[1] is awarded annually by the Royal Institute of British Architects on behalf of the British monarch, in recognition of an individual's or group's substantial contribution to international architecture. It is given for a distinguished body of work rather than for one building, and is therefore not awarded for merely being currently fashionable.

The medal was first awarded in 1848 to Charles Robert Cockerell, and its second recipient was the Italian Luigi Canina in 1849. The winners include some of the most influential architects of the 19th and 20th centuries, including Eugène Viollet-le-Duc (1864), Frank Lloyd Wright (1941), Le Corbusier (1953), Walter Gropius (1956), Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (1959) and Buckminster Fuller (1968). Candidates of all nationalities are eligible to receive the award.

Not all recipients were architects. Also recognised were engineers such as Ove Arup (1966) and Peter Rice (1992), who undoubtedly played an outstanding role in the realisation of some of the 20th century's key buildings all over the world. Repeatedly, the prize was awarded to influential writers on architecture, including scholars such as the Rev Robert Willis (1862), Sir Nikolaus Pevsner (1967), and Sir John Summerson (1976), as well as theoreticians such as Lewis Mumford (1961) and Colin Rowe (1995). It honoured archaeologists such as Sir Austen Henry Layard (1868), Karl Richard Lepsius (1869), Melchior de Vogüé (1879), Heinrich Schliemann (1885), Rodolfo Lanciani (1900) and Sir Arthur Evans (1909), and painters such as Lord Leighton (1894), and Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema (1906). Another notable exception was the 1999 award to the city of Barcelona.

List of recipients

Year Recipient Nationality
2020 Grafton Architects (Practice co-founded by Shelley McNamara and Yvonne Farrell) Ireland[2]
2019 Sir Nicholas Grimshaw UK[3]
2018 Neave Brown U.S./UK[4][5]
2017 Paulo Mendes da Rocha Brazil[6]
2016 Zaha Hadid UK/Iraq[7]
2015 Sheila O'Donnell and John Tuomey (Co-founders of O'Donnell & Tuomey) Ireland
2014 Joseph Rykwert UK[8]
2013 Peter Zumthor Switzerland
2012 Herman Hertzberger Netherlands
2011 David Chipperfield UK
2010 I. M. Pei China/U.S.
2009 Álvaro Siza Vieira Portugal
2008 Edward Cullinan UK
2007 Herzog & de Meuron Switzerland[9]
2006 Toyo Ito Japan[10]
2005 Frei Otto Germany
2004 Rem Koolhaas Netherlands
2003 Rafael Moneo Spain
2002 Archigram UK
2001 Jean Nouvel France
2000 Frank Gehry U.S.
1999 City of Barcelona Spain
1998 Oscar Niemeyer Brazil
1997 Tadao Ando Japan
1996 Harry Seidler Austria/Australia
1995 Colin Rowe UK/U.S.
1994 Michael and Patricia Hopkins UK
1993 Giancarlo De Carlo Italy
1992 Peter Rice Ireland
1991 Colin Stansfield Smith UK
1990 Aldo van Eyck Netherlands
1989 Renzo Piano Italy
1988 Richard Meier U.S.
1987 Ralph Erskine UK
1986 Arata Isozaki Japan
1985 Sir Richard Rogers UK
1984 Charles Correa India
1983 Sir Norman Foster UK
1982 Berthold Lubetkin UK
1981 Sir Philip Dowson UK
1980 James Stirling UK
1979 Charles and Ray Eames U.S.
1978 Jørn Utzon Denmark
1977 Sir Denys Lasdun UK
1976 Sir John Summerson UK
1975 Michael Scott Ireland
1974 Powell and Moya
1973 Sir Leslie Martin UK
1972 Louis I Kahn U.S.
1971 Hubert de Cronin Hastings UK
1970 Robert Matthew UK
1969 Jack Coia UK
1968 Buckminster Fuller U.S.
1967 Sir Nikolaus Pevsner UK
1966 Ove Arup UK
1965 Kenzo Tange Japan
1964 Edwin Maxwell Fry UK
1963 William Holford, Baron Holford UK
1962 Sven Markelius Sweden
1961 Lewis Mumford U.S.
1960 Pier Luigi Nervi Italy
1959 Ludwig Mies van der Rohe Germany/U.S.
1958 Robert Schofield Morris Canada
1957 Alvar Aalto Finland
1956 Walter Gropius Germany/U.S.
1955 John Murray Easton UK
1954 Sir Arthur George Stephenson UK
1953 Le Corbusier France
1952 George Grey Wornum UK
1951 Emanuel Vincent Harris UK
1950 Eliel Saarinen Finland
1949 Sir Howard Robertson UK
1948 Auguste Perret France
1947 Sir Albert Richardson UK
1946 Sir Patrick Abercrombie UK
1945 Victor Vesnin USSR
1944 Sir Edward Maufe UK
1943 Sir Charles Herbert Reilly UK
1942 William Curtis Green UK
1941 Frank Lloyd Wright U.S.
1940 Charles Voysey UK
1939 Sir Percy Thomas UK
1938 Ivar Tengbom Sweden
1937 Sir Raymond Unwin UK
1936 Charles Holden UK
1935 Willem Marinus Dudok Netherlands
1934 Henry Vaughan Lanchester UK
1933 Sir Charles Reed Peers UK
1932 Hendrik Petrus Berlage Netherlands
1931 Sir Edwin Cooper UK
1930 Percy Worthington UK
1929 Victor Laloux France
1928 Sir Guy Dawber UK
1927 Sir Herbert Baker UK
1926 Ragnar Östberg Sweden
1925 Sir Giles Gilbert Scott UK
1924 No award N/A
1923 Sir John James Burnet UK
1922 Thomas Hastings U.S.
1921 Sir Edwin Lutyens UK
1920 Charles Girault France
1919 Leonard Stokes UK
1918 Ernest Newton UK
1917 Henri Paul Nénot France
1916 Sir Robert Rowand Anderson UK
1915 Frank Darling Canada
1914 Jean-Louis Pascal France
1913 Sir Reginald Blomfield UK
1912 Basil Champneys UK
1911 Wilhelm Dörpfeld UK
1910 Sir Thomas Graham Jackson UK
1909 Sir Arthur Evans UK
1908 Honoré Daumet France
1907 John Belcher UK
1906 Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema Netherlands
1905 Sir Aston Webb UK
1904 Auguste Choisy France
1903 Charles Follen McKim U.S.
1902 Thomas Edward Collcutt[11] UK
1901 No award N/A
1900 Rodolfo Lanciani Italy
1899 George Frederick Bodley UK
1898 George Aitchison UK
1897 Pierre Cuypers Netherlands
1896 Sir Ernest George UK
1895 James Brooks UK
1894 Lord Leighton UK
1893 Richard Morris Hunt U.S.
1892 César Daly [fr] France
1891 Sir Arthur Blomfield UK
1890 John Gibson UK
1889 Sir Charles Thomas Newton UK
1888 Baron Theophil von Hansen Austria
1887 Ewan Christian UK
1886 Charles Garnier France
1885 Heinrich Schliemann Germany
1884 William Butterfield UK
1883 Francis Penrose UK
1882 Heinrich von Ferstel Austria
1881 George Godwin UK
1880 John Loughborough Pearson UK
1879 Marquis Melchior de Vogüé France
1878 Alfred Waterhouse UK
1877 Charles Barry UK
1876 Joseph-Louis Duc France
1875 Edmund Sharpe UK
1874 George Edmund Street UK
1873 Thomas Henry Wyatt UK
1872 Friedrich von Schmidt Germany/Austria
1871 James Fergusson UK
1870 Benjamin Ferrey UK
1869 Karl Richard Lepsius Germany
1868 Sir Austen Henry Layard UK
1867 Charles Texier France
1866 Sir Matthew Digby Wyatt UK
1865 Sir James Pennethorne UK
1864 Eugène Viollet-le-Duc France
1863 Anthony Salvin UK
1862 Rev Robert Willis UK
1861 Jean-Baptiste Lesueur [fr] France
1860 Sydney Smirke UK
1859 Sir George Gilbert Scott UK
1858 Friedrich August Stüler Germany
1857 Owen Jones UK
1856 Sir William Tite UK
1855 Jacques Ignace Hittorff France
1854 Philip Hardwick UK
1853 Sir Robert Smirke UK
1852 Leo von Klenze Germany
1851 Thomas Leverton Donaldson UK
1850 Sir Charles Barry UK
1849 Luigi Canina Italy
1848 Charles Robert Cockerell UK


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