Rollington Town

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Rollington Town is a neighborhood in the area of Kingston, Jamaica. Part of it is in Kingston Parish. A campus of Kingston College is in Rollington Town.

Notable events

In 2017 Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) suspended service on a line through Rollington Town because of road blocks and violence. The company's buses had been attacked by stone throwers.[1] Service was restored the next day.[2]

Oku Onuora formed a community school in the area and organized in the area. He distributed Abeng and was arrested in Rollington Town.[citation needed] Scholar and activist Walter Rodney was also active in the area.[3]

Notable residents

Boris Gardiner was born in Rollington Town.[4] Ken Rickards,[5] Sadiki,[6] and Connie Mark[7] are also from Rollington Town. Cricketer Chris Gayle is also from Rollington Town.[8]

Cultural references

Trevor D. Rhone's play Two Can Play is set in Rollington Town.[9]


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