Receiver General for Canada

At Her Majesty's pleasure Commonwealth of Nations Receiver General
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Receiver General for Canada
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Anita Anand

since 20 November 2019
StyleThe Honourable
Member of
AppointerGovernor General of Canada
Term lengthAt Her Majesty's pleasure
Inaugural holderWalter Murray
FormationSeptember 14, 1764

The Receiver General for Canada (French: Receveur général du Canada) is responsible for making payments to the Government of Canada each fiscal year, accepting payments from financial institutions and preparing the Public Accounts of Canada, containing annual audited financial statements of the Government of Canada. The Receiver General deposits and withdraws funds from the Consolidated Revenue Fund of Canada.

The Minister of Public Works and Government Services is the Receiver General for Canada. The Department of Public Works and Government Services Act, 1996 states: "In the Minister's capacity as Receiver General, the Minister shall exercise all the powers and perform all the duties and functions assigned to the Receiver General by law."

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The position of Receiver General existed in the United Kingdom and in various Commonwealth countries, and still exists in Massachusetts and provincially within Canada.

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