Pimisi station

Confederation Line Trillium Line O-Train
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O-Train station
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LocationBooth Street, Ottawa, Ontario
Coordinates45°24′50″N 75°42′48″W / 45.41389°N 75.71333°W / 45.41389; -75.71333Coordinates: 45°24′50″N 75°42′48″W / 45.41389°N 75.71333°W / 45.41389; -75.71333
Owned byOC Transpo
Platforms2 (O-Train), 2 (bus)
Structure typeUnderpass
Bicycle facilitiesYes
Disabled accessYes
Opened1983 (Transitway)
September 14, 2019 (O-Train)[1]
Previous namesLeBreton
Preceding station OC Transpo Following station
Bayview Confederation Line Lyon
toward Blair

Pimisi is a light rail station on the Ottawa Confederation Line as part of the O-Train network.


The stop is located under Booth Street in LeBreton Flats.[2] and opened on September 14, 2019[3]. It serves the redeveloped flats area, including the New Central Library, Chinatown, and Little Italy.


The Transitway station was originally named LeBreton. By proposal of the local Algonquin leaders it was renamed "Pimisi" (Algonquin: eel) when it was rebuilt to accommodate the O-Train.[4]


The station features an island platform located at grade. Unusually, the platform level is an intermediate level. Above it, two entrance buildings with entrance barriers are located on either side of Booth Street. Below the platform, a concourse with its own ticket barrier gives access to the green space and plaza north of the station and to Albert Street.

The station features several artworks by Algonquin artists. Nadia Myre's work Eel Spirit, Basket, and Fence[5] is a trilogy consisting of two sculptures (the eel and basket) located in the plaza north of the station, and a series of forest designs on the glass platform walls. The sculpture Algonquin Moose by Simon Brascoupé is also located in the plaza, while another work by him, Algonquin Birch Bark Biting Designs, is located on the glass wall of the entrance on the west side of Booth Street. Finally, Màmawi: Together[6] is a work featuring 100 wooden paddles painted by four Algonquin artists mentored by Brascoupé—Emily Brascoupé-Hoefler, Doreen Stevens, Sherry-Ann Rodgers, and Sylvia Tennisco—as well as Algonquin community members who participated in workshops led by these artists[7]. It is suspended above the platform.

Platform level


The following routes serve Pimisi station as of October 6 2019:[8]

Ottawa - Line 1 Confederation Line.svg Ottawa - Line 2 Trillium Line.svg O-Train
 98   39  Rapid routes
 40   11  Frequent routes
 55   173  Local routes
 298  Connexion routes
 406  300s: Shopper routes
400s: Event routes
600s: School routes
Stop Routes
East O-Train Ottawa - Line 1 Confederation Line.svg
West O-Train Ottawa - Line 1 Confederation Line.svg
A Booth St. North  61   63   66   75   85 
B Booth St. South  61   63   66   75   85   185 
C Albert St. West  R1   16   N57   N61   N75 
D Albert St. East  R1   16   N57   N61   N75 


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