Parti innovateur du Québec

2003 Quebec general election Proportional representation Political spectrum
Innovator Party of Quebec

Parti innovateur du Québec
LeaderRaymond Robataille
FoundedJanuary 4, 1994 (1994-January-04)
DissolvedMarch 29, 2003 (2003-March-29)
IdeologyQuebec nationalism
Political positionLeft-wing

The Parti innovateur du Québec was a political party in the Canadian province of Quebec. The party, led by Raymond Robataille, ran in the 1994 and 1998, but was deregistered by Quebec's Chief Electoral Officer in 2003 after failing to present sufficient candidates in the 2003 general election.[1]


The ideology of the party was on the left of the political spectrum, due largely to the party's call for a universal public pension system.[1]

According to a Q&A interview with Radio-Canada in the leadup to the 2003 election, Robataille shared his position on a variety of different issues, including:[2]