Parti des travailleurs du Québec

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The Parti des travailleurs du Québec (PTQ) (English: Workers Party of Quebec) was a political party in the Canadian province of Quebec. It issued its first manifesto in 1976 and fielded candidates until the 1990s, never rising above fringe status.[1][2] Gérard Lachance was party leader for at least part, and perhaps all, of its existence.[3]

In a 1981 interview, party spokesperson Maurice Gohier indicated that the PTQ was not communist, but promoted both independence and socialism for Quebec. Its platform called for workers to be given a greater influence in the governing of society.[4]

The PTQ did not appear on the ballot in the 1985 provincial election due to registration difficulties, although some party members ran as non-affiliated candidates.[5] The party's central offices were burgled in the 1989 provincial election, and a party official indicated that the names and addresses of party members were stolen.[6]


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