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The Oroshi wind which causes unpredictable damage -- Mafū (魔風, lit., devilish wind, 1853)

Oroshi (, lit, down wind) is the Japanese term for a wind blowing strong down the slope of a mountain, occasionally as strong gusts of wind which can cause damage.[1] Oroshi is a strong local wind across the Kanto Plain on the Pacific Ocean side of central Honshu.[2] This term identifies a katabatic wind.[3]

Literary references

The Oroshi wind is mentioned in Japanese poetry, including a poem which is included in the Hyakunin Isshu.[4]

An impression of Futen the Wind Deity by Hanabusa Itcho, late-17th–early-18th century.

Many versions of this poem which were published during the Edo period have yama-oroshi instead of yama-oroshi yo, but the meaning is equivalent: the poet cries out to the wind; and he the cold down-draft to the heartless woman.[5]

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