Order of precedence in Quebec

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The Quebec order of precedence is a nominal and symbolic hierarchy of important positions within the province of Quebec. It has no legal standing but is used to dictate ceremonial protocol at events of a provincial nature.

  1. The Queen of Canada (Queen Elizabeth II)[1]
  2. The Lieutenant Governor (J. Michel Doyon)
  3. The Premier (François Legault, MNA)
  4. The Cardinals followed, when not a cardinal, by the Roman Catholic Archbishop having the status of Primate
  5. The President of the National Assembly (François Paradis, MNA)
  6. The Chief Justice of the Court of Appeal (Nicole Duval Hesler)
  7. The Vice-Premier
  8. The Dean of the Diplomatic Corps and the heads of diplomatic missions
  9. The Leader of the Opposition
  10. The members of the Executive Council
  11. The local Archbishop or Bishop followed by the representatives of other faith communities
  12. The local Mayor
  13. The Dean of the Consular Corps in Quebec City followed by the Dean of the Consular Corps in Montréal, the heads of post of the Consular Corps living in the capital, for events happening there, and other heads of post, governed by their respective precedence
  14. The vice-presidents of the National Assembly
  15. The chief justices of the Superior Court
  16. The local member of the National Assembly followed by other members
  17. The Secretary General of the Executive Council
  18. The President of the Council of the National Order of Quebec
  19. The chief justices of the Court of Quebec
  20. The rectors/principals of the local universities
  21. The judges of the Court of Appeal
  22. The Principal Secretary to the Premier followed by the deputy ministers
  23. The judges of the Superior Court
  24. The Ombudsman, the Chief Electoral Officer, the Auditor General, the presidents of the Government Agencies and Crown Corporations and the Chief of Protocol
  25. The judges of the Court of Quebec
  26. The members of the National Order of Quebec