Order of precedence in Johor

Malaysian order of precedence Johor Order of precedence in Malacca

The Johor order of precedence is a nominal and symbolic hierarchy of important positions within the state of Johor. It has no legal standing but is used to dictate ceremonial protocol at events of a state nature.

Order of precedence

Order of precedence in Johor[1] is as follows:

No. Description
1 His Majesty the Sultan
2 Her Majesty the Queen
3 His Royal Highness the Tunku Mahkota
4 Her Highness the spouse of the Tunku Mahkota
5 The Right Honourable the Menteri Besar
6 (obsoleted)
7 Honourable Chairperson of the Royal Court
8 Their Highnesses the Sultan's children
9 Grand Commanders of the Royal Family Order of Johor (DK I)
10 Commanders of the Royal Family Order of Johor (DK II)
12 Their Honours Judges of the High Court
13 Honourable Speaker of the Legislative Assembly
14 Honourable State Secretary
15 Honourable Members of the Executive Council
16 Members of the Royal Court
17 Honourable State Legal Adviser
18 Honourable State Financial Officer
19 Honourable Federal Ministers
20 State Mufti
21 Vice Chancellor of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
22 Honourable Federal Deputy Ministers
23 Their Highnesses Members of the State Royal Family
24 Commander of the 7th Brigade
25 State Police Chief
26 the Dato' Bergelar
  • Tan Sri
  • Federal and State Datuk
28 Honourable Members of the Legislative Assembly
29 Honourable Senators representing the State
30 Honourable Members of the House of Representatives representing the State
31 Chairperson of the State Public Service Commission
32 Members of the State Public Service Commission
33 Members of the State Islamic Affairs Council
34 Head of Federal and State Departments
35 Justices of the Peace
36 State Administrative Officers
37 Headmen
38 Local Councillors
39 Recipients of honours from other states
40 Recipients of Federal honours

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