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Taxonomy (biology) Cf. Nomen nudum
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Open nomenclature is a vocabulary of partly informal terms and signs in which a taxonomist may express remarks about their own material. This is in contrast to synonymy lists, in which a taxonomist may express remarks on the work of others.[1] Commonly such remarks take the form of abbreviated taxonomic expressions in biological classification.[2]

Usage of open nomenclature

There are no strict conventions in open nomenclature concerning which expressions to use or where to place them in the Latin name of a species or other taxon, and this may lead to difficulties of interpretation. However, the most significant unsettled issues concern the way that their meanings are to be interpreted. The International Code of Zoological Nomenclature (ICZN) makes no reference to open nomenclature, leaving its use and meaning open for interpretation by taxonomists.[3]

The following are examples of commonly used shorthand in open nomenclature:

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