Onondaga Yacht Club

Liverpool, New York Lightning (dinghy) Burgee
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Onondaga Yacht Club
Burgee of Onondaga YC.svg
Location100 Sycamore St., Liverpool, New York

The Onondaga Yacht Club is a private yacht club located in Liverpool, New York, on the shore of Onondaga Lake.[1]


Onondaga Yacht Club clubhouse (1910)

The Onondaga Yacht Club was founded in 1883 and chartered February 3, 1886. In 1935 the Onondaga Lake Yacht Club merged with the Onondaga Yacht Club and took the name of Onondaga Yacht Club. In 1937-38 a lease agreement was made with the County for the present clubhouse site and construction was started in the spring of 1938, opening formally July 23, 1938.[2] In In 1953, the club was used by the Syracuse U. Sailing team for college competition.[3]


The club is home of Snipe fleet number 18,[4] Lightning fleet number 10,[5] and a Laser fleet.[6]


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