North Rock

Machias Seal Island New Brunswick Canada
North Rock
Disputed rock
Seals on North Rock.jpg
Seals on North Rock
Locationborder of the Bay of Fundy and the Gulf of Maine
Coordinates44°32′17″N 67°05′17″W / 44.53795°N 67.08805°W / 44.53795; -67.08805Coordinates: 44°32′17″N 67°05′17″W / 44.53795°N 67.08805°W / 44.53795; -67.08805
Administered by
ProvinceNew Brunswick
Claimed by
ProvinceNew Brunswick
United States

North Rock (French: Roche North) is an offshore rock with geographical coordinates of 44°32′17″N 67°05′17″W / 44.53795°N 67.08805°W / 44.53795; -67.08805, located to the east of the North American continent near the boundary between the Gulf of Maine and the Bay of Fundy.[1]

The rock is adjacent to the Canadian province of New Brunswick and the U.S. state of Maine. Its ownership has been disputed by both countries as part of the larger territorial and maritime boundary dispute surrounding Machias Seal Island. The disputed area is referred to colloquially as the "Grey Zone."

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