SH 8 (Albania)

Sarandë Vlorë Fier

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National Road SH8
Rruga shtetërore SH8
The SH8 runs across the counties of Fier and Vlorë.
Map of the Rruga Shtetërore 8 (SH8) mainline denoted in blue in Albania
Route information
Maintained by the Autoriteti Rrugor Shqiptar
Length126 km (78 mi)
Major junctions
North endSH4-AL.svg Fier, Fier County
South endSH81-AL.svg Sarandë, Vlorë County
  • Fier
  • Vlorë
Major cities
Highway system
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The SH8 highway (Albanian: Rruga Shtetërore 8) is a national highway in Albania spanning 126 kilometres (78.29 miles) across the counties of Fier and Vlorë. It connects the cities of Fier and Vlorë to the city of Sarandë on the Albanian Ionian Sea Coast. The highest point of the SH8 is the Llogara Pass, 1,043 m (3,422 ft) above sea level. The road was built in 1920.[1]


The National Road SH8 branches off from the National Road SH4 in Fier and leads the city of Vlorë. From Vlorë, the road crosses the Llogara Pass, to the Albanian Riviera near Dhërmi and through Himarë to Sarandë. It ends at the city center of Sarandë.


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