Mohammed Berrada

Rabat Morocco Leila Shahid

Mohammed Berrada (Arabic: محمد برادة‎), also transliterated Muhammad Baradah, (born 1938 in Rabat) is a Moroccan novelist, literary critic and translator writing in Arabic. He is considered one of Morocco's most important modern authors.[1]

From 1976 to 1983, Berrada was the president of Morocco's writers union. He teaches Arab literature at the faculté des lettres of the Mohammed V University in Rabat. He is a member of the advisory board of the Moroccan literary magazine Prologue.

Berrada belonged to a literary movement that wanted to experiment with new techniques of writing (what Moroccan critics call attajrib (experimentation). The text does not give much weight to the plot and is written in independent scenes, images, thoughts and portraits. In the field of language, dialects take on an important role, such as Fassi (the dialect of Fez) together with wordplay and allusions.

Since July 26th 1977, Berrada has been married to Leila Shahid, ambassador of the State of Palestine to the European Union.


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