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The following media outlets are located in Canada's National Capital Region, serving the cities of Ottawa, Ontario and Gatineau, Quebec. The two cities, which are adjacent and each receive virtually all television and radio stations operating in either city, are considered a single media market.

Most of the region's FM and TV stations, regardless of which community they are officially licensed to, transmitted from Camp Fortune in the Gatineau Hills. Other TV stations transmit from a tower located in Manotick, in the rural south portion of Ottawa. Ryan Tower, the former transmitter tower at Camp Fortune, was taken down on November 4, 2012 and its services and some antenna elements were transferred to a new, nearby tower.[1]

In addition to the market's local media services, Ottawa is also home to several national media operations, including CPAC (Canada's national legislature broadcaster), the digital political newspaper iPolitics, and the parliamentary bureau staff of all of Canada's major newsgathering organizations in television, radio and print. The city is also home to the legal headquarters of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation although operational headquarters for English- and French-language services are located in Toronto and Montreal, respectively.


AM stations

Frequency Call sign Branding Format Owner Notes
AM 580 CFRA 580 CFRA news/talk Bell Media Radio
AM 1200 CFGO TSN 1200 Ottawa sports Bell Media Radio
AM 1310 CIWW 1310 News news Rogers Media
AM 1630 CHYW tourist information Macdonald-Cartier International Airport (defunct?) [2]
AM 1670 CJEU (AM) Radio Oxygène 1670AM
children's radio Fondation Radio-Enfant French (Gatineau)

FM stations

Frequency Call sign Branding Format Owner Notes
FM 88.5 CILV-FM Live 88.5 modern rock Stingray Group
FM 89.1 CHUO-FM CHUO FM 89.1 campus radio University of Ottawa
FM 89.9 CIHT-FM Hot 89.9 contemporary hit radio Stingray Group
FM 90.7 CBOF-FM Ici Radio-Canada Première news/talk Canadian Broadcasting Corporation French
FM 91.5 CBO-FM CBC Radio One news/talk Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
FM 92.3 CJET-FM Jack FM adult hits Rogers Media licensed to Smiths Falls
FM 92.7 CJVN-FM Christian radio Fiston Kalambay French (Ottawa)
FM 93.1 CKCU-FM CKCU FM 93.1 campus radio Carleton University
FM 93.9 CKKL-FM Pure Country 94 country music Bell Media Radio
FM 94.5 CJFO-FM community radio Radio de la communauté francophone d'Ottawa French (Ottawa)
FM 94.9 CIMF-FM Rouge FM soft adult contemporary Bell Media Radio French (Gatineau)
FM 95.7 CFPO-FM Elmnt FM adult contemporary Aboriginal Peoples Television Network
FM 96.5 CFTX-FM POP 96.5 classic hits RNC Media French (Gatineau)
FM 97.1 CHLX-FM Rythme FM soft adult contemporary RNC Media French (Gatineau)
FM 97.5 CKKV-FM The Juice adult contemporary Vista Broadcast Group licensed to Kemptville
FM 97.9 CJLL-FM CHIN Ottawa multilingual community CHIN Radio/TV International
FM 98.5 CJWL-FM The Jewel 98.5 pop standards Evanov Communications
FM 99.1 CHRI-FM CHRI 99.1 Christian music Christian Hit Radio
FM 99.7 CJOT-FM boom 99.7 Classic Hits Corus Entertainment
FM 100.3 CJMJ-FM Majic 100 soft adult contemporary Bell Media Radio
FM 101.1 CKBY-FM Country 101.1 country music Rogers Media licensed to Smiths Falls
FM 101.7 CIDG-FM Rebel 101.7 Mainstream Rock Torres Media
FM 102.5 CBOX-FM Ici Musique public music Canadian Broadcasting Corporation French
FM 103.3 CBOQ-FM CBC Music public music Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
FM 104.1 CKTF-FM Énergie contemporary hit radio Bell Media Radio French (Gatineau)
FM 104.7 CKOF-FM 104,7 Talk radio Cogeco French (Gatineau)
FM 105.3 CISS-FM Kiss FM hot adult contemporary Rogers Media
FM 106.1 CHEZ-FM Chez 106 mainstream rock Rogers Media
FM 106.9 CKQB-FM Jump FM contemporary hit radio Corus Entertainment
FM 107.9 CKDJ-FM CKDJ FM 107.9 campus radio Algonquin College


Frequency Call sign Branding Format Owner Notes
162.550 MHz VBE 719 Weatheradio Canada weather alerts Meteorological Service of Canada

Shortwave (SW)

Frequency Call sign Branding Format Owner Notes
3330 kHz
7850 kHz 1
14670 kHz
CHU time signal National Research Council of Canada shortwave radio station.
1On January 1, 2009, CHU moved its signal from 7335 kHz to 7850 kHz.

Other radio stations

The following radio stations that can also be heard in the National Capital Region:

Defunct radio stations


Despite being one of Canada's largest metropolitan areas, many of the "local" stations serving Ottawa–Gatineau are, in fact, based in the Greater Toronto Area. Notably, the country's #2 and #3 private-sector broadcast networks, Global and Citytv, respectively, rely on repeaters of their Toronto-based stations, not originating stations, to serve Ottawa viewers. Despite this, however, Ottawa–Gatineau is unique among Canadian television markets, as the only market in all of Canada which has terrestrial access to virtually the entire range of Canadian broadcast networks and systems in both English and French — the larger Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver media markets each lack over-the-air access to some of the services in their market's minority language. The sole exception is aboriginal network APTN, which only has broadcast coverage in the North, but is carried on cable in Ottawa and indeed throughout the country.

Of the fourteen stations available over the air, only six actually originate from the area and provide local news. These six stations are currently owned by only three companies, with two stations apiece: the CBC (with stations for its English and French networks), RNC Media (which owns the local affiliates of the two private French-language networks, TVA and V), and Bell Media (which owns stations associated with its CTV and CTV 2 networks).

Both of the CBC stations carry local evening newscasts in their respective languages. The two Bell Media-owned stations, while nominally maintaining separate news operations, do not currently compete against each other for local news; CTV airs local newscasts at midday and in the evening, while CTV 2 only broadcasts a morning newscast. As for the RNC Media stations, the TVA affiliate carries a local evening newscast, whereas the V affiliate only airs short news updates.

OTA virtual channel (PSIP) Actual channel Rogers Cable
Call sign Network Language Transmitter location Notes
4.1 25 (UHF) 8 6 CBOT-DT CBC Television EN Camp Fortune, Gatineau
6.1 14 (UHF) 3 8 CIII-DT-6 Global EN Camp Fortune, Gatineau Rebroadcaster of CIII-DT (Toronto)
9.1 33 (UHF) 5 2 CBOFT-DT Ici Radio-Canada Télé FR Camp Fortune, Gatineau
11.1 22 (UHF) 18 11 CHCH-DT-1 Independent EN Manotick, Ottawa Rebroadcaster of CHCH-DT (Hamilton)
13.1 16 (UHF) 7 7 CJOH-DT CTV EN Camp Fortune, Gatineau
14.1 20 (UHF) 14 240 CJMT-DT-2 Omni Television
("Omni 2")
EN Manotick, Ottawa Rebroadcaster of CJMT-DT (Toronto)
24.1 24 (UHF) 2 10 CICO-DT-24 TVOntario EN Camp Fortune, Gatineau Rebroadcaster of CICA-DT (Toronto)
30.1 30 (UHF) 69 3 CIVO-DT Télé-Québec FR Camp Fortune, Gatineau Rebroadcaster of CIVM-DT (Montreal)
34.1 34 (UHF) 11 5 CFGS-DT Noovo FR Camp Fortune, Gatineau
32.1 32 (UHF) 10 4 CHOT-DT TVA FR Camp Fortune, Gatineau
15.1 15 (UHF) 25 55 CITS-DT-1 Yes TV EN Manotick, Ottawa Rebroadcaster of CITS-DT (Hamilton)
43.1 35 (UHF) 6 12 CHRO-DT-43 CTV 2 EN Manotick, Ottawa Rebroadcaster of CHRO-TV (Pembroke)
60.1 27 (UHF) 16 239 CFMT-DT-2 Omni Television
("Omni 1")
EN Manotick, Ottawa Rebroadcaster of CFMT-DT (Toronto)
65.1 17 (UHF) 15 13 CITY-DT-3 Citytv EN Manotick, Ottawa Rebroadcaster of CITY-DT (Toronto)
22 Rogers TV EN Rogers Cable community channel
23 TV Rogers FR Rogers Cable community channel
9 MAtv FR Vidéotron community channel

Rogers Cable and Vidéotron are the main cable providers in Ottawa and Gatineau, respectively. For many years, Ottawa cable systems piped in stations from the nearest American city, Watertown, New York. Ottawa is more than six times as large as the Watertown market, and the Watertown stations relied heavily on advertising in Ottawa for their revenue. However, in the late 1980s, all Watertown stations except PBS outlet WNPE-TV (now WPBS) were dropped in favour of stations from Rochester, New York. They have since been replaced with stations from Detroit, though WPBS is still carried in Ottawa.

Defunct television stations



College and university


Other publications

Other media


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