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Mariano Antonio Guadalupe Escobedo de la Peña (January 16, 1826 – May 22, 1902) was a Mexican Army general and former Governor of Nuevo León.

Early life

Mariano Escobedo was born in San Pablo de los Labradores (which is today known as Galeana), Nuevo León on January 16, 1826. He was the youngest of six children born to Manuel Escobedo and Rita de la Peña.

Military career

In 1854 he defended from the liberal rows the Plan de Ayutla that would end the dictatorship of Antonio López de Santa Anna.

He took part in the Battle of Puebla on May 5 (the Cinco de Mayo) of 1862, in Puebla, where thanks to his bravery, was promoted to colonel of cavalry. Later, he was promoted to general and organized an Army Corps which fought against the French invading troops, defeating them and capturing emperor Maximilian I in Querétaro (1867).

During the presidency of Benito Juárez (1858-1872) Mariano Escobedo was named commander-in-chief of the northern zone and after the restoration of the Mexican republic, he was governor of several states and military secretary in 1875, in addition to being president of the Supreme Court of Military Justice.

With the arrival of General Porfirio Diaz to the presidency, he was exiled to the United States, from which he organized an uprising against the dictator. Because of that he was taken prisoner (1878). He died in Mexico, on May 22, 1902.

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