Mackenzie Mountains

Geographic coordinate system Canada Alexander Mackenzie (politician)
Mackenzie Mountains
Keele Peak, 2005
Highest point
PeakKeele Peak
Elevation2,972 m (9,751 ft)
Coordinates63°25′53″N 130°19′26″W / 63.43139°N 130.32389°W / 63.43139; -130.32389
TerritoriesYukon and Northwest Territories
Range coordinates64°N 128°W / 64°N 128°W / 64; -128Coordinates: 64°N 128°W / 64°N 128°W / 64; -128

The Mackenzie Mountains are a Canadian mountain range forming part of the Yukon-Northwest Territories boundary between the Liard and Peel rivers. The range is named in honour of Canada's second prime minister, Alexander Mackenzie.[1] Nahanni National Park Reserve and Nááts'ihch'oh National Park Reserve are in the Mackenzie Mountains.

The mining town of Tungsten, site of the Cantung Mine, is in the Mackenzie Mountains. Only two roads lead into the Mackenzie Mountains, both in Yukon: the Nahanni Range Road leading to the townsite of Tungsten and the Canol Road leading to the Macmillan Pass.

The highest mountain in this range is Keele Peak at 2,972 m (9,751 ft). The second-highest mountain is Mount Nirvana. It is, at 2,773 m (9,098 ft), the highest mountain in the Northwest Territories.

The Silurian fish family Archipelepididae has been described from specimens found in the Mackenzie Mountains.[2]


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