List of rulers of Ngwaketse

Botswana Rulers of baRôlông Colonial heads of Botswana (Bechuanaland)

The following is a list of rulers of baNgwaketse, a territory located in present-day Botswana.

Kgôsikgolo = Paramount Chief

(Dates in italics indicate de facto continuation of office)

Tenure Incumbent Notes
1750 to 1770 Mongala a Makaba, Kgôsikgolo  
1770 to 1790 Moleta a Mongala, Kgôsikgolo  
1790 to 1817 Makaba II a Moleta Rramaomana, Kgôsikgolo  
Division into two segments (1817-1857)
1817 to 1824 Makaba II a Moleta Rramaomana, Kgôsikgolo  
1824 to 1844 Sebêgô a Makaba, acting Kgôsikgolo  
1844 to 1857 Senthufe a Sebêgô, Kgôsikgolo  
1817 to 1822 Tshosaa Makaba, Kgôsikgolo  
1822 to 1845 Segotshane a Makaba, acting Kgôsikgolo  
1845 to 1857 Gaseitsiwe a Tshosa, Kgôsikgolo Becoming Paramount Chief of re-united baNgwaketse
1857 to July 1889 Gaseitsiwe a Tshosa, Kgôsikgolo  
1889 to 1 July 1910 Bathoen I a Gaseitsiwe, Kgôsikgolo  
1910 to 1916 Seêpapitsô III a Bathoen, Kgôsikgolo  
1916 to 1918 Kgosimotse a Gaseitsiwe, acting Kgôsikgolo  
1918 to 1919 Malope a Makaba, acting Kgôsikgolo  
1919 to 1923 Tshosa Sebêgô a Keemanao, acting Kgôsikgolo  
1923 to 1924 Gagoangwe a Setshele, acting Kgôsikgolo
1924 to 1928 Ntebogang a Bathoen, acting Kgôsikgolo
1928 to 1 July 1969 Bathoen II a Seêpapitsô, Kgôsikgolo
(Bathoen Seepapitso Gaseitsiwe)
1969 to 1973 Seêpapitsô IV a Bathoen, Kgôsikgolo
(Seepapitso Bathoen Gaseitsiwe)
1st Term
1973 to 19?? Mookgami a Seêpapitsô, acting Kgôsikgolo
(Mookgami Gaseitsiwe)
19?? to present Seêpapitsô IV a Bathoen, Kgôsikgolo
(Seepapitso Bathoen Gaseitsiwe)
2nd Term


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