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Several Political parties operate in Sardinia. No party has ever had the chance of gaining power alone and thus parties must work with each other to form coalition governments. The political parties are currently organized mainly in two political coalitions at the regional level: one centred on the Democratic Party, the other around Forza Italia. Because of their ideological and political factionalism, the Sardinian nationalist parties have played a marginal role in the electoral scene.


Major parties

More than 15% in the 2014 regional election (or at least 10 regional councillors):

Note: The Five Star Movement (Movimento Cinque Stelle) and Civic Choice (Scelta Civica), which in Sardinia respectively obtained 29.7% and 6.0% of the vote in the Italian general election of February 2013, decided not to take part to the regional election.[1] Neither did the New Centre-Right, a party launched in late 2013.

Medium parties

Between 4% and 15% in the 2014 regional election (or at least 5 regional councillors):

Minor parties

Between 1% and 4% in the 2014 regional election (or at least 1 regional councillor):

Other regional parties

Former regional parties

At least 1% in a regional, general or EP election in Sardinia (or at least 2 regional councillors):