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This article lists political parties in Niger. Niger has a multi-party system, with two to three strong political parties and smaller parties electorally successful to take seats in the National Assembly. These smaller parties frequently enter into electoral coalitions with their more powerful opponents, forming blocs in both government and opposition.

Party naming

Nigerien political parties are commonly known both by their acronyms and a nickname. The latter tradition began prior to independence with the Nigerien Democratic Union-Sawaba. Sawaba ("Freedom" in Hausa) became the most common name of the party. Today all large parties have an official "nickname", usually in Hausa, Djerma or other national languages, while the official party name is in French.

Multi-party democracy

Niger banned all opposition parties from 1959 (prior to independence) to 1991. During the First Republic (1960-1974), the PPN-RDA was the sole party. From 1987-1991, MNSD-Nassara was the only legal party. Both parties survive in somewhat altered forms.

The parties

Dominant parties of the Third and Fifth Republics

From 1987-1991: Mouvement National de la Societé de Développement (MNSD). Single legal state party.

Dominant party of Fourth Republic

Dominant parties of colonial era, First Republic

From 1946–74: Parti Progressiste Nigérien Sole legal party 1960–74.
from 1951–57: Nigerien Democratic Union UDN
from 1957–59: African Socialist Movement MSA-Sawaba
from 1959–91: Banned, under several names.
from 1991: UDFP-Sawaba
split 1993: UDFR-Sawaba

Smaller contemporary parties


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