List of people from Ottawa

Bytown Ottawa City Council Vanessa Morgan

This is a list of people who are associated with what is now Ottawa, Ontario, Canada:


Name Birth year Death year Description Image Refs
Hugh Acheson 1971 Chef
Thomas Ahearn 1855 1938 Inventor and businessman, holder of several patents, driving force behind Ottawa's streetcar system Thomas Ahearn
Sulekha Ali Singer
Frank Amyot 1904 1962 Sportsperson, Canada's only gold medal winner from the 1936 Summer Olympics
Thomas Victor Anderson 1881 1972 Former Chief of the Army Staff
Paul Anka 1941 Singer Paul Anka
George Arnold 1814 1891 Early settler and postmaster
Margaret Atwood 1939 Writer Margaret Atwood
Eva Avila 1987 Singer, 4th season Canadian Idol champion Eva Avila
Dan Aykroyd 1952 Comedian, singer, actor and screenwriter Dan Akroyd
Peter Aylen 1799 1868 Businessperson, timber producer
Bill Adkins circa 1889 1982 Stage manager


Name Birth year Death year Description Image Refs
Janis Babson 1950 1961 Organ donor, subject of two books Janis Babson
Jamie Baker 1966 Former NHL player
Jay Baruchel 1983 Actor, screenwriter, comedian Jay Baruchel
Brendan Bell 1983 NHL and AHL player Brendan Bell
Hugh Bell 1797 1872 Early settler, councillor, assessor, and tax collector
Belly 1984 Rapper
Clint Benedict 1892 1976 NHL goaltender and hockey hall of famer. Credited as first goaltender to don a mask in an NHL game and as an early pioneer of the butterfly style
Louis-Théodore Besserer 1785 1861 Lieutenant during War of 1812, notary, political figure, land use developer in neighbourhood now known as Sandy Hill
Braddish Billings 1783 1864 Early settler for whom the community of Billings Bridge was named
Elkanah Billings 1820 1876 Paleontologist Elkanah Billings
Thomas Birkett 1844 1920 Former mayor of Ottawa and member of the House of Commons of Canada Thomas Birkett
Robert Blackburn 1828 1894 Lumber merchant and a member of the House of Commons of Canada Robert Blackburn
Fedir Bohatyrchuk 1892 1984 Chess master and politician
John Rudolphus Booth 1827 1925 Lumber and railway baron John Rudolphus Booth
Mark Borowiecki 1989 NHL player
Billy Boucher 1899 1958 Former NHL player
Mark Bourrie 1957 Author, journalist and lawyer
Matt Bradley 1978 Former NHL player Matt Bradley
Fred Brathwaite 1972 Former NHL player Fred Brathwaite
Rod Brind'Amour 1970 Former NHL player Rod Brind'Amour
Dave Brockie 1963 2014 Frontman for metal band Gwar Dave Brockie
Maurice Brodie 1903 1939 polio researcher Maurice Brodie
Erskine Henry Bronson 1844 1920 Businessperson and politician Erskine Henry Bronson
Henry Franklin Bronson 1817 1889 Lumber baron Henry Fanklin Bronson
Élisabeth Bruyère 1818 1876 Founder of the Sisters of Charity of Bytown, the city's first hospital, and the first bilingual school in Ontario
Nathan Burgoine Writer
Thomas Burrowes 1796 1866 Artist, noted for artworks he created while serving as a surveyor and overseer during the construction of the Rideau Canal
Tom Butler 1951 Actor
John By 1779 1836 Lieutenant-Colonel, overseer of the construction of the Canal and founder of the city John By
Paul Byron 1989 Forward for Montreal Canadiens


Name Birth year Death year Description Image Refs
Claudette Cain Former mayor of Gloucester
Noah Cantor 1971 Former CFL player
John Carling 1828 Founder of the Ontario Agricultural College and the Central Experimental Farm John Carling
Bruce Cassidy 1965 Former NHL player
Tom Cavanagh 1963 Actor Tom Cavanagh
Cody Ceci 1993 NHL player Cody Ceci
Sarah Chalke 1976 Actress Sarah Chalke
Keshia Chante 1988 Singer-songwriter, television personality, actress Keisha Chante
Bob Chiarelli 1941 Politician, former mayor of Ottawa
King Clancy 1903 1986 Former NHL player, referee, coach, and executive King Clancy
Catherine Clark 1976 Television broadcaster and daughter of former Prime Minister Joe Clark Catherine Clark
Bryan Cochrane 1957 Curler
Bruce Cockburn 1945 Folk/rock guitarist and singer-songwriter Bruce Cockburn
Eldon Coombe 1941 Curler
Bill Cowley 1912 1993 Hall of Fame hockey star, NHL scoring champion 1941, Founder Ottawa 67's. Tom Cruise

1962- Actor

Alex Cullen 1951 Politician, former MPP and member of Ottawa City Council
Barry Cullen 1935 Former NHL player Barry Cullen
Brian Cullen 1933 Former NHL player Brian Cullen
Elisha Cuthbert 1982 Actress


Name Birth year Death year Description Image Refs
Gabriela Dabrowski 1992 Tennis player Gabriela Dabrowski
Sévère D'Aoust Established a village in the region of Bear Brook in 1854 Sévère D'Aoust
Jack Darragh 1890 1924 Former NHL player Jack Darragh
Bruce Delaney Curler
Paul Dewar 1963 2019 Politician, former MP Paul Dewar
Clive Doucet 1946 Writer and politician Clive Doucet
Cecil Duncan 1893 1979 Canadian Amateur Hockey Association president   [1]
James Duthie 1966 Sportscaster on TSN James Duthie


Name Birth year Death year Description Image Refs
Ben Eager 1984 NHL and AHL player Ben Eager
Kathleen Edwards 1978 Singer-songwriter and musician Kathleen Edwards
John Egan 1811 1857 Businessman and politician John Egan
Chris Evans 1847 1917 Farmer and teamster turned outlaw


Name Birth year Death year Description Image Refs
John Fauquier 1909 1981 Aviator and Royal Canadian Air Force bomber pilot
Graham Fraser 1946 Journalist and Commissioner of Official Languages


Name Birth year Death year Description Image Refs
Jeremy Gara 1978 Drummer for Arcade Fire Jeremy Gara
Chris Gardner 1985 Curler
Brendan Gillanders 1990 CFL player
Paul Girodo 1973 CFL player
Wallis Giunta 1985 Opera singer Wallis Giunta - 2012.jpg
Travis Gordon Film producer, screenwriter, and director
Igor Gouzenko 1919 1982 Soviet defector
Luba Goy 1945 Humanitarian. Actress. Comedian; The Royal Canadian AirFarce
Tom Green 1971 Actor, comedian, media personality Tom Green
Lorne Greene 1915 1987 Actor and musician Lorne Greene
Nancy Greene 1943 Skier and member of the Senate of Canada Nancy Greene


Name Birth year Death year Description Image Refs
George Hamilton 1781 1839 Lumber baron and politician
William Hamilton 1822 Lumber baron and politician
Jenn Hanna 1980 Curler Jenn Hanna
David Hartin 1824 1893 Businessman
Elisabeth Harvor 1936 Novelist and poet
Anne Heggtveit 1939 Alpine skier, gold medallist in the slalom at the 1960 Winter Olympics Ann Heggtveit
Robert Hervey 1820 1903 Lawyer and third mayor of Bytown Rebert Hervey
Edward James Gibson Holland 1878 1948 Recipient of the Victoria Cross in 1900 Edward James Gibson Holland
Diane Holmes Former member of Ottawa City Council
Jessica Holmes 1973 Comedian and actress Jessica Holmes
Rachel Homan 1989 Curler, skip of the 2013 and 2014 Scotties Tournament of Hearts championship team
Edgar Lewis Horwood 1868 1957 Architect, served as Chief Dominion Architect from 1915 to 1917
William H. Hurdman 1818 1901 Entrepreneur and community leader


Name Birth year Death year Description Image Refs
Kira Isabella 1993 Country music artist Kira Isabella


Name Birth year Death year Description Image Refs
Donald Jackson 1940 Olympic figure skater
Russ Jackson 1936 Former CFL player
James Johnston 1849 Businessman and politician


Name Birth year Death year Description Image Refs
Dan Kanter Musician, songwriter, producer, musical director and lead guitarist for Justin Bieber
Wilbert Keon 1935 2019 Heart surgeon, researcher, and former member of the Senate of Canada
Firdaus Kharas 1955 Social entrepreneur and media producer
Brian Kilrea 1934 Former AHL player and OHL coach and general manager
Bruce Kirby 1929 Yacht designer, dinghy and offshore racer and journalist
Halder Kirby 1863 1924 Former AHAC player, doctor, and druggist Halder Kirby
Jason Kralt 1974 Former CFL player
John Kruspe 1943 Former CFL player, Public Administrator, Historian
Zion Kuwonu 1999 Singer, Producer, Boygroup (Prettymuch)


Name Birth year Death year Description Image Refs
Bernie LaBarge 1953 Guitarist and singer-songwriter
Brent Laing 1978 Curler
Craig Lauzon Actor, writer, and comedian
Andrew Leamy 1810 1868 Pioneer industrialist and community leader in Wrightstown, Lower Canada (Hull, Quebec) Andrew Leamy
Lou Lefaive 1928 2002 Canadian sports administrator and civil servant   [2]
Jesse Levine 1987 Canadian/US tennis player Jesse Levine
J. E. Stanley Lewis 1888 1970 Former mayor of Ottawa
Rich Little 1938 Impressionist and voice actor Rich Little
Donal Logue 1965 Actor Donal Logue


Name Birth year Death year Description Image Refs
Flora MacDonald 1926 2015 Humanitarian, Politician, First Female Foreign Minister in Canada
Neil Macdonald 1957 Journalist
Norm Macdonald 1963 Stand-up comedian, writer, producer and actor Norm Macdonald
Steve MacLean 1954 Former astronaut and President of the Canadian Space Agency Steve MacLean
Robert Malcomson 1795 1868 Tavern owner
Edward Malloch 1801 1867 Merchant and politician
Elizabeth Manley 1965 Olympic figure skater Elizabeth Manley
Peter Mansbridge 1948 Broadcaster and news anchor Peter Mansbridge
Blaine Marchand 1949 Writer and poet
Princess Margriet of the Netherlands 1943 Daughter of Queen Juliana and sister of Queen Beatrix Princess Margriet
Kristina Maria 1989 Singer-songwriter Kristina Maria
K. C. Martel 1967 Actor
Bruce Matthews 1909 1991 Businessman and militia artillery officer
Terry Matthews 1943 Business-magnate and entrepreneur
Trevor Matthews 1982 Film producer and actor
Derek McCulloch 1964 Author of graphic novels, comics, books for children, and plays Derek McCulloch
Dawn McEwen 1980 Curler, gold medalist at the 2014 Winter Olympics
Frank McGee 1882 1916 Former ice hockey player Frank McGee
Edward McGillivray 1815 1885 Second mayor of Ottawa
Dalton McGuinty 1955 Former politician and Premier of Ontario Dalton McGuinty
David McGuinty 1960 Lawyer and politician David McGuinty
Gavin McInnes 1970 Founder of the far-right neo-fascist Proud Boys group. Gavin McInnes
Thomas McKay 1792 1855 Businessman and one of the founders of Ottawa
Bob McKeown 1950 former CFL player, Correspondent, journalist, investigative reporter, producer; NBC Dateline, CBC The Fifth Estate, Documentary Film Maker
Daniel McLachlin 1810 1872 Businessman and politician Daniel McLachlin
Earl McRae 1942 2011 Journalist
Jean-Michel Ménard 1976 Curler
Anne Merklinger 1958 Curler and CEO of Own the Podium
Marc Methot 1985 NHL player Marc Methot
Hugh Millikin 1957 Curler trained in Ottawa
Stevie Mikayne Writer
Emma Miskew 1989 Curler
Rich Moffatt Curler
Robert Moodie 1818 1911 Early settler of Bells Corners
Alanis Morissette 1974 Singer-songwriter, guitarist, record producer, and actress Alanis Morissette
Vanessa Morgan 1992 Actor
John Morris 1978 Curler and 2010 Winter Olympics gold medalist
Hannah Moscovitch 1978 Playwright, author, dramatist
Alex Munter 1968 Former politician and journalist, CEO of CHEO Alex Munter


Name Birth year Death year Description Image Refs
Yasir Naqvi 1973 Politician Yasir Naqvi
Evan Nepean 1752 1822 Politician and colonial administrator Evan Nepean


Name Birth year Death year Description Image Refs
Larry O'Brien 1949 Businessman and former mayor of Ottawa Larry O'Brien
William Ogilvie 1846 1912 Dominion land surveyor, explorer, and Commissioner of the Yukon Territory William Ogilvie
Sandra Oh 1971 Actress Sandra Oh


Name Birth year Death year Description Image Refs
Jesse Palmer 1978 Sports commentator and former NFL player Jesse Palmer
Jean-Gabriel Pageau 1992 Hockey athlete, assistant captain of the Ottawa Senators Jean-Gabriel Pageau
Richard Reed Parry 1977 Multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, and member of Arcade Fire Richard Reed Perry
Frank Patrick 1885 1960 Former NHL player, coach, and general manager Frank Patrick
David Pattee 1778 1851 Businessman, judge, and politician
David Pearson 1946 Physicist and computer scientist David Pearson
George Halsey Perley 1857 1938 Politician and diplomat George Halsey Perley
William Goodhue Perley 1820 1890 Businessman and politician William Goodhue Perley
Matthew Perry 1969 Actor Matthew Perry
Jean Pigott 1924 2012 Politician and businessperson
Denis Potvin 1953 Former NHL player Denis Potvin
Jean Potvin 1949 Former NHL player
Gabrielle Poulin 1929 2015 Writer [3]
Harvey Pulford 1875 1940 Athlete and award winner in multiple sports Harvey Pulford
Simon Pulsifer 1981 English Wikipedia contributor Simon Pulsifer (left)


Name Birth year Death year Description Image Refs
Silver Quilty 1891 1976 Early Canadian football player, coach, and referee. Canadian Football Hall of Fame inductee, Canada's Sports Hall of Fame indutee. President of the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association (1924–26) Silver Quilty


Name Birth year Death year Description Image Refs
Bob Rae 1948 Lawyer and former Premier of Ontario Bob Rae
George Ramsay, 9th Earl of Dalhousie 1770 1838 Soldier and colonial administrator, former Governor of Nova Scotia, Governor General of British North America, and Commander-in-Chief, India George Ramsay
Alexander Robillard 1843 1907 Politician
Melanie Robillard 1982 Curler Melanie Robillard
Randy Robitaille 1975 Former NHL player Randy Robitaille
John Rochester 1822 1894 Businessman, politician, and former mayor of Ottawa John Rochester
Shelagh Rogers 1956 Radio broadcaster
James Rolfe 1967 Composer
Cristine Rotenberg 1988 YouTube personality
Kelly Rowan 1965 Actress and former fashion model Kelly Rowan
Roger Rowley 1914 2007 Commanded the Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Highlanders in 1944-1945
Derek Roy 1983 NHL player Derek Roy
Kelleigh Ryan 1987 Fencer [4]


Name Birth year Death year Description Image Refs
Joëlle Sabourin 1972 Curler
Martin St. Pierre 1983 Former NHL player Martin St. Pierre
Marc Savard 1977 Former NHL player Marc Savard
Craig Savill 1978 Curler
Andrew Scott 1967 Drummer for Sloan Andrew Scott
Barbara Ann Scott 1928 2012 Figure skater and gold medalist at the 1948 Winter Olympics [5]
John Scott 1822 1857 Politician, first mayor of Bytown
Richard William Scott 1825 1913 Lawyer and politician Richard William Scott
Melinda Shankar 1992 Actress Melinda Shankar
Hamby Shore 1886 1918 Former ice hockey Player
James Sieveright 1812 Farmer and community leader
James Skead 1817 1884 Businessman and politician James Skead
Shane Smith 1970 Co-founder and CEO of VICE Media
Trevor Smith 1985 NHL player Trevor Smith
Sasha Sokolov 1943 Writer
Nicholas Sparks 1794 1862 Businessman and politician
Vanessa Morgon
Bruce Stuart 1881 1961 Former ice hockey player Bruce Stuart
Ivonka Survilla 1936 President of the Belarusian People's Republic (BNR), the Belarusian government in exile. Bruce Stuart


Name Birth year Death year Description Image Refs
Linda Thom 1943 Olympic gold medal-winning shooter Linda Thom
Christian Tolusso Curler
Alexandre Trudeau 1973 Philosopher, Documentary Filmmaker, Author, Journalist
Justin Trudeau 1971 Politician, 23rd and current Prime Minister of Canada Prime Minister Trudeau - 2020 (cropped).jpg
Margaret Trudeau 1948 Author, Actress, Advocate, Television Personality, Photographer
Michel Trudeau 1975 1998 Scientist, Environmentalist
J. B. Turgeon 1810 1897 First French-Canadian mayor of Bytown


Name Birth year Death year Description Image Refs
Rick Vaive 1959 Former NHL player Rick Vaive


Name Birth year Death year Description Image Refs
Jeff Waters 1966 Guitarist and founder of Annihilator Jeff Waters
Ken Watkin 1954 Former Judge Advocate General of the Canadian Armed Forces
Jim Watson 1961 Politician, former member of Ottawa City Council, former MPP and current Mayor of Ottawa Jim Watson
Ken Westerfield 1947 Disc sport (Frisbee) pioneer; landed in Ottawa from the U.S. in 1970 Ken Westerfield
Ezekiel Stone Wiggins 1839 1910 Amateur meteorologist Ezekiel Stone Wiggins
Philemon Wright 1760 1839 Farmer, entrepreneur, and founder of Wrightstown, Lower Canada (Hull, Quebec) Philemon Wright
Ruggles Wright 1793 1863 Lumber merchant


Name Birth year Death year Description Image Refs
Jason Young 1979 Curler

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