List of mayors of Chieti

Democratic Party (Italy) Forza Italia (2013) Lega Nord
Mayor of Chieti
Sindaco di Chieti
Umberto Di Primio.png
Umberto Di Primio (Brothers of Italy)

since 30 March 2010
AppointerPopular election
Term length5 years, renewable once
WebsiteOfficial website

The Mayor of Chieti is an elected politician who, along with the Chieti's City Council, is accountable for the strategic government of Chieti in Abruzzo, Italy. The current Mayor is Umberto Di Primio, a member of the far-right party Brothers of Italy, who took office on 30 March 2010.[1][2][3]


According to the Italian Constitution, the Mayor of Chieti is member of the City Council.

The Mayor is elected by the population of Chieti, who also elects the members of the City Council, controlling the Mayor's policy guidelines and is able to enforce his resignation by a motion of no confidence. The Mayor is entitled to appoint and release the members of his government.

Since 1993 the Mayor is elected directly by Chieti's electorate: in all mayoral elections in Italy in cities with a population higher than 15,000 the voters express a direct choice for the mayor or an indirect choice voting for the party of the candidate's coalition. If no candidate receives at least 50% of votes, the top two candidates go to a second round after two weeks. The election of the City Council is based on a direct choice for the candidate with a preference vote: the candidate with the majority of the preferences is elected. The number of the seats for each party is determined proportionally.

Italian Republic (since 1946)

City Council election (1946–1993)

From 1946 to 1993, the Mayor of Chieti was elected by the City's Council.

  Mayor Term start Term end Party
1 Antonio Mariani 20 April 1946 30 June 1956 Christian Democracy
2 Lelio Sanità di Toppi 30 June 1956 19 November 1960 Christian Democracy
3 Nicola Buracchio 19 November 1960 10 October 1967 Christian Democracy
4 Fulvio Di Bernardo December 1967 30 June 1970 Christian Democracy
5 Arduino Roccioletti July 1970 April 1976 Christian Democracy
6 Angelo Zito May 1976 July 1985 Christian Democracy
7 Luigi Capozucco July 1985 November 1985 Christian Democracy
8 Veniero Di Petta November 1985 October 1987 Christian Democracy
9 Andrea Buracchio November 1987 March 1993 Christian Democracy

Direct election (since 1993)

Since 1993, under provisions of new local administration law, the Mayor of Chieti is chosen by direct election.

  Mayor Term start Term end Party
10 Nicola Cucullo 6 December 1993 17 November 1997 Italian Social Movement
Tricolour Flame
17 November 1997 27 January 2000
1 May 2000 12 November 2004
11 Francesco Ricci 19 April 2005 30 March 2010 Independent (centre-left)
12 Umberto Di Primio 30 March 2010 19 June 2015 The People of Freedom
Forza Italia
Brothers of Italy
19 June 2015 Incumbent



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