List of journalists killed during the Mahdist War

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This is a list of journalists killed during the Mahdist War. In all about 30 war correspondents covered the war during the period 1883–1885.[1] A war memorial for the seven correspondents who were killed during the Sudan campaigns between those years rests in St Paul's Cathedral in London.[2][3][4][5] One other journalist, who was not listed, was killed in 1898 in one of the final battles of the war. The memorial was the first war memorial devoted to journalists.[2]




J. A. Cameron


Metammeh: A battle at Metammeh occurred after the British had established a base at Korti and after the Battle of Abu Klea.[14] Two were killed while other war correspondents escaped death but were injured in the same attack, including Bennet Burleigh, Harry Pearse, and Frederic Villiers.[15]



St Paul's Cathedral

A ceremony was held 10 June 1888 at St Paul's Cathedral to commemorate the journalists killed during the 3 years of campaigns in Sudan and the dedication of a brass tablet, designed by Herbert Johnson listing seven journalists.[2][4][5]


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