List of fictional political parties

Dave Barry Monty Python's Flying Circus Election Night Special
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This is a list of fictional political parties of various countries.

Confederate States of America




United Kingdom

United States

Other, unknown, or fictional countries

Monty Python's Life of Brian

Foundation series


List of political parties of the Earthican Government:

  • Antisocialists
  • Brainslug Party
  • Bull Space Moose Party
  • Dudes For the Legalation of Hemp
  • Fingerlicans (pun on Republicans)
  • Green Party (members are literally green)
  • National Raygun Association (pun on the National Rifle Association, though not actually a political party)
  • One Cell, One Vote
  • People for the Ethical Treatment of Humans
  • Rainbow Whigs Party
  • Tastycrats (pun on Democrats)
  • Voter Apathy Party


  • Centrist Party - Star Kingdom of Manticore
  • Citizen Rights Party - People's Republic of Haven
  • Conservative Association - Star Kingdom of Manticore
  • Constitutional Progressive - Republic of Haven
  • Corporate Conservative - Republic of Haven
  • Crown Loyalists - Star Kingdom of Manticore
  • Legislaturists - People's Republic of Haven
  • Liberal Party - Star Kingdom of Manticore
  • New Conservative - Republic of Haven
  • New Democrat - Republic of Haven
  • New Men Party - Star Kingdom of Manticore
  • Progressive Party - Star Kingdom of Manticore

Star Wars expanded universe

Star Trek Expanded Universe

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