List of ambassadors of Russia to Canada

Ambassador Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Russia) Charge d'affaires
Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Canada
MID emblem.png
Emblem of the Russian Foreign Ministry
Aleksandr Darchiev [ru]

since 24 October 2014
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Embassy of Russia in Ottawa
StyleHis Excellency
The Honourable
Reports toMinister of Foreign Affairs
AppointerPresident of Russia
Term lengthAt the pleasure of the President
First holderFedor Tarasovich Gusev
WebsiteEmbassy of Russia in Ottawa

The Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation to Canada is the official representative of the President and the Government of the Russian Federation to the Prime Minister and the Government of Canada.

The ambassador and his staff work at large in the Embassy of Russia in Ottawa. There are Consulate Generals in Montreal and Vancouver, and honorary consuls in Edmonton, St. John's, Windsor and Vancouver.[1] Russian interests in Canada are also represented by a trade mission based in Ottawa, and a representative of the Federal Agency of Fisheries [ru] in Halifax.[2][3]

The post of Russian Ambassador to Canada is currently held by Aleksandr Darchiev [ru], incumbent since 24 October 2014.[4][5]

History of diplomatic relations

Prior to 1917, the Russian Empire maintained consular services in the Dominion of Canada, then part of the British Empire. By the time of the fall of the Tsarist government in 1917, there were consulates in Montreal, Halifax, and Vancouver.[6] These did not recognise, and were not accredited by, the Soviet state, but continued to function until the late 1920s, funded by the Canadian government to deal with the large number of White émigrés who began to settle in the country.[6]

Diplomatic relations at the mission level between the Soviet Union and Canada were first established on 12 June 1942.[7] This was during the Second World War, when Canada and the Soviet Union were part of the allies. The first envoy, Fedor Tarasovich Gusev, was appointed on 30 July 1942, and presented his credentials on 21 October that year.[8] Gusev left the post on 12 August 1943, and in November that year the missions were upgraded to embassies.[8] Relations cooled significantly after the war, with the Gouzenko Affair and subsequent Kellock–Taschereau Commission in 1946 resulting in increasingly hostile communications.[9] Both sides withdrew their ambassadors that year, and representation was thereafter by charge d'affaires following until 1953.[8][9] With the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, the Soviet ambassador, Richard Ovinnikov [ru], continued as representative of the Russian Federation until 1992.[8]

List of representatives (1942 – present)

Representatives of the Soviet Union to Canada (1942 – 1991)

Name Title Appointment Termination Notes
Fedor Gusev Envoy 30 July 1942 12 August 1943
Georgy Zarubin [ru] Ambassador 23 March 1944 28 September 1946
Nikolai Belokhvostikov [ru] Charge d'affaires 1946 1949
Leonid Teplov [ru] Charge d'affaires 1949 1953
Dmitry Chuvakhin [ru] Ambassador 25 August 1953 26 October 1958
Amazasp Arutyunyan [ru] Ambassador 26 October 1958 20 February 1963
Ivan Shpedko [ru] Ambassador 20 February 1963 18 October 1968
Boris Miroshnichenko [ru] Ambassador 18 October 1968 1 June 1973
Alexander Yakovlev Ambassador 1 June 1973 29 October 1983
Aleksei Rodionov Ambassador 31 October 1983 30 October 1990
Richard Ovinnikov [ru] Ambassador 30 October 1990 25 December 1991

Representatives of the Russian Federation to Canada (1991 – present)

Name Title Appointment Termination Notes
Richard Ovinnikov [ru] Ambassador 25 December 1991 10 February 1992
Alexander Belonogov Ambassador 10 February 1992 6 January 1998
Vitaly Churkin Ambassador 26 August 1998 5 June 2003
Georgiy Mamedov Ambassador 5 June 2003 24 October 2014
Aleksandr Darchiev [ru] Ambassador 24 October 2014


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