List of Prince Edward Island provincial electoral districts

Kensington-Malpeque Montague-Kilmuir Borden-Kinkora
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This is a list of electoral districts in the Canadian province of Prince Edward Island.

Current districts

The following 27 districts had been contested in the 2019 Prince Edward Island general election. Each is represented by one seat in the 66th General Assembly of Prince Edward Island.


Electoral district No. Eligible voters (2017)[1] Former district (2015)[2]
Souris-Elmira 1 3582 same
Georgetown-Pownal 2 3644 Georgetown-St. Peters
Montague-Kilmuir 3 3571 same
Belfast-Murray River 4 3509 same
Mermaid-Stratford 5 3597 Vernon River-Stratford
Stratford-Keppoch 6 3593 Stratford-Kinlock
Morell-Donagh 7 3690 Morell-Mermaid


Electoral district No. Eligible voters (2017)[1] Former district (2015)[2]
Stanhope-Marshfield 8 3577 parts of Tracadie-Hillsborough Park and York-Oyster Bed
Charlottetown-Hillsborough Park 9 3898 parts of Tracadie-Hillsborough Park and York-Oyster Bed
Charlottetown-Winsloe 10 4028 parts of Charlottetown-Sherwood and York-Oyster Bed
Charlottetown-Belvedere 11 3972 Charlottetown-Parkdale
Charlottetown-Victoria Park 12 4019 same
Charlottetown-Brighton 13 4014 same
Charlottetown-West Royalty 14 4032 Charlottetown-Lewis Point, parts of West Royalty-Springvale
Brackley-Hunter River 15 3609 parts of York-Oyster Bed and West Royalty-Springvale


Electoral district No. Eligible voters (2017)[1] Former district (2015)[2]
Cornwall-Meadowbank 16 3853 same
New Haven-Rocky Point 17 3719 Kellys Cross-Cumberland
Rustico-Emerald 18 3794 same
Borden-Kinkora 19 3718 same
Kensington-Malpeque 20 3890 same


Electoral district No. Eligible voters (2017)[1] Former district (2015)[2]
Summerside-Wilmot 21 4048 same
Summerside-South Drive 22 4044 Summerside-St. Eleanors
Tyne Valley-Sherbrooke 23 3613 Tyne Valley-Linkletter
Evangeline-Miscouche 24 2925 same
O'Leary-Inverness 25 3353 same
Alberton-Bloomfield 26 3346 Alberton-Roseville
Tignish-Palmer Road 27 3367 same

Former districts

From Prince Edward Island joining Confederation in 1873 until 1996, the following districts were represented in the General Assembly, with each district electing two members.

Representation history by community

Kings County

Community 1966–1996 1996–2007 2007–2019 2019–present
Souris 1st Kings Souris-Elmira Souris-Elmira Souris-Elmira
Fortune Bay Morell-Fortune Bay
Morell 2nd Kings Morell-Mermaid Morell-Donagh
St. Peters Georgetown-St. Peters
Baldwin's Road 3rd Kings Georgetown-Baldwin's Road Georgetown-Pownal
Montague Montague-Kilmuir Montague-Kilmuir Montague-Kilmuir
Kilmuir 4th Kings
Murray River Murray River-Gaspereaux Belfast-Murray River Belfast-Murray River
Gaspereaux 5th Kings Montague-Kilmuir Montague-Kilmuir
Georgetown Georgetown-Baldwin's Road Georgetown-St. Peters Georgetown-Pownal

Queens County

Community 1966–1996 1996–2007 2007–2019 2019–present
Park Corner 1st Queens Park Corner-Oyster Bed Kensington-Malpeque Kensington-Malpeque
Emerald Crapaud-Hazel Grove Rustico-Emerald Rustico-Emerald
Hazel Grove
Crapaud Kellys Cross-Cumberland Borden-Kinkora
Kellys Cross
New Haven 2nd Queens New Haven-Rocky Point
Cumberland North River-Rice Point
Rice Point
Rocky Point
North River Cornwall-Meadowbank Cornwall-Meadowbank
Rustico Park Corner-Oyster Bed Rustico-Emerald Rustico-Emerald
Hunter River Brackley-Hunter River
Springvale West Royalty-Springvale
Oyster Bed York-Oyster Bed
Brackley 3rd Queens Stanhope-East Royalty
York Stanhope-Marshfield
Marshfield Tracadie-Hillsborough Park
Tacadie Tracadie-Fort Augustus
Fort Augustus Morell-Mermaid Morell-Donagh
Mermaid Mermaid-Stratford
Stratford (east part) Glen Stewart-Bellevue Cove Vernon River-Stratford
Glen Stewart, Stratford Stratford-Kinlock Stratford-Keppoch
Kinlock, Stratford
Keppoch, Stratford
Winsloe Winsloe-West Royalty West Royalty-Springvale Charlottetown-Winsloe
Bellevue Cove 4th Queens Glen Stewart-Bellevue Cove Stratford-Kinlock Mermaid-Stratford
Belfast Belfast-Pownal Bay Belfast-Murray River Belfast-Murray River
Vernon River Vernon River-Stratford
Pownal Georgetown-Pownal
East Royalty, Charlottetown 5th Queens Stanhope-East Royalty York-Oyster Bed Charlottetown-Hillsborough Park
Hillsborough Park, Charlottetown Sherwood-Hillsborough Tracadie-Hillsborough Park
Sherwood, Charlottetown Charlottetown-Sherwood Charlottetown-Belvedere
Belvedere, Charlottetown Parkdale-Belvedere Charlottetown-Parkdale
Parkdale, Charlottetown
Kings Square, Charlottetown Charlottetown-Kings Square Charlottetown-Victoria Park Charlottetown-Victoria Park
Victoria Park, Charlottetown 6th Queens Charlottetown-Rochford Square
Rochford Square, Charlottetown
Brighton, Charlottetown Charlottetown-Brighton Charlottetown-Brighton
Spring Park, Charlottetown Charlottetown-Spring Park Charlottetown-Lewis Point
Lewis Point, Charlottetown Winsloe-West Royalty Charlottetown-West Royalty
West Royalty, Charlottetown West Royalty-Springvale

Prince County

Community 1966–1996 1996–2007 2007–2019 2019–present
Palmer Road 1st Prince Tignish-DeBlois Tignish-Palmer Road Tignish-Palmer Road
Miminegash Alberton-Miminegash Alberton-Roseville
Roseville Alberton-Bloomfield
Cascumpec Cascumpec-Grand River
Bloomfield West Point-Bloomfield
West Point 2nd Prince O'Leary-Inverness O'Leary-Inverness
Tyne Valley Cascumpec-Grand River Tyne Valley-Linkletter Tyne Valley-Sherbrooke
Grand River 3rd Prince
Evangeline Region Evangeline-Miscouche Evangeline-Miscouche Evangeline-Miscouche
Malpeque Kensington-Malpeque Kensington-Malpeque Kensington-Malpeque
Kensington 4th Prince
Borden Borden-Kinkora Borden-Kinkora Borden-Kinkora
Sherbrooke Kensington-Malpeque Kensington-Malpeque Tyne Valley-Sherbrooke
St. Eleanors, Summerside St. Eleanors-Summerside Summerside-St. Eleanors
Linkletter Tyne Valley-Linkletter Evangeline-Miscouche
South Drive, Summerside Summerside-South Drive
Wilmot, Summerside Wilmot-Summerside Summerside-Wilmot Summerside-Wilmot
Summerside (east part) 5th Prince
Summerside (west part) St. Eleanors-Summerside Summerside-St. Eleanors Summerside-South Drive


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