List of Indian reserves in Quebec

Innu Algonquin people Atikamekw

The following is a list of Indian reserves in Quebec, Canada that includes only the reserves that are officially designated as Indian reserve and fall under the jurisdiction of the Canadian government's Department of Indian and Northern Affairs. Therefore, the northern villages and associated reserved lands of the Cree and Inuit are not included, as they are governed by a separate law. Also, the Naskapi village and the reserved lands of Kawawachikamach and the Indian settlement of Oujé-Bougoumou are not included as reserves.

Reserve Nation
Akwesasne Mohawk[1]
Cacouna Maliseet[2]
Coucoucache Atikamekw[3]
Doncaster Mohawk
Essipit Innu
Gesgapegiag Mi'kmaq
Kahnawake Mohawk[4]
Kebaowek (Eagle Village/Kipawa) Algonquin
Kitigan Zibi Algonquin
Lac-John Innu
Lac-Simon Algonquin
La Romaine Innu
Listuguj Mi'kmaq
Manawan Atikamekw
Mashteuiatsh Innu
Matimekosh Innu
Mingan Innu
Natashquan Innu
Obedjiwan Atikamekw
Odanak Abenaki
Pessamit Innu[5]
Pikogan Algonquin
Rapid Lake (Lac-Rapide) Algonquin
Timiskaming Algonquin
Uashat-Maliotenam Innu
Wemotaci Atikamekw
Wendake Huron-Wendat
Whitworth Maliseet
Wôlinak Abenaki

First Nation settlements on Crown Land are:


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