List of governors of South Tyrol

South Tyrolean People's Party Arno Kompatscher Elections in Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol
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This is the list of Governors of South Tyrol since 1948. The German title of the Governor is Landeshauptmann.[1][2]

Governors of South Tyrol
Governor Portrait Party Term Legislature
Karl Erckert
Karl Erckert.jpg SVP 1948–1952 I Legislature
1952–1955 II Legislature
Alois Pupp
Alois Pupp.jpg SVP 1955–1956
1956–1960 III Legislature
Silvius Magnago
Silvius Magnago.jpg SVP 1960–1964 IV Legislature
1964–1968 V Legislature
1968–1973 VI Legislature
1973–1978 VII Legislature
1978–1983 VIII Legislature
1983–1988 IX Legislature
1988–1989 X Legislature
Luis Durnwalder
Luis Durnwalder 2012 crop.jpg SVP 1989–1993
1993–1998 XI Legislature
1998–2003 XII Legislature
2003–2008 XIII Legislature
2008–2013 XIV Legislature
2013–2014 XV Legislature
Arno Kompatscher
Arno Kompatscher 2015 crop.jpg SVP 2014–2018
2018–present XVI Legislature


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