List of Catholic dioceses in Albania

Roman Catholic Diocese of Sapë Roman Catholic Diocese of Lezhë Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Tiranë-Durrës

The Roman Catholic Church in Albania is composed of :

Current Catholic dioceses

Actual Latin Catholic sees

Latin Ecclesiastical province of Tiranë-Durrës

Ecclesiastical jurisdictions Latin name Type Former name Established Area (km2)
Rrëshen Rrësheniensis Diocese 25 December 1888 3,463
Tiranë–Durrës Tiranensis–Dyrracenus Metropolitan Archdiocese 1300 2,263

Latin Ecclesiastical province of Shkodër–Pult

Ecclesiastical jurisdictions Latin name Type Former name Established Area (km2)
Lezhë Alexiensis Diocese Alessio 1400 750
Sapë Sappensis Diocese 1062 2,544
Shkodër–Pult Scodrensis–Pulatensis Metropolitan Archdiocese Scutari-Pulsi 14 March 1867 2,363

Albanian Greek Catholic Church

Ecclesiastical jurisdictions Latin name Type Rite Ecclesiastical Province Established Area (km2)
Southern Albania Albaniae Meridionalis Apostolic Administration Byzantine Tiranë–Durrës 11 November 1939 16,172

Defunct Latin jurisdictions

Titular Latin Catholic sees

Ecclesiastical jurisdictions Latin name Established
Arbanum (Arbano, Albano) Arbanensis 1166 (as diocese)
Chunavia (Konavlje) Chunaviensis 1933
Dagnum (Dagno) Dagnensis late 14th century (as diocese)
Phoenice Phoenicius 1933

Other Defunct Latin jurisdictions

Several (arch)bishoprics had their title integrated into the merger :

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