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Lego Dimensions
Lego Dimensions PS4 Box Cover.jpg
PlayStation 4 starter pack box art
Developer(s)Traveller's Tales
Publisher(s)Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
  • Anna Bailey
  • Toby Jennings
  • Jon Burton
  • Dewi Roberts
  • Steve Harding
  • Chris Stanforth
  • Alistair Crowe
  • Ben Klages
  • Jeremy Pardon
  • Leon Warren
  • Paul Munro
  • Jon Burton
  • Graham Goring
  • James McLoughlin
Composer(s)Ian Livingstone
  • NA: September 27, 2015
Mode(s)Single-player, multiplayer

Lego Dimensions is a Lego-themed action-adventure crossover video game developed by Traveller's Tales and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Wii U, Xbox One and Xbox 360. It follows the toys-to-life format, in that the player has Lego figures and a toy pad that can be played within the game itself where it features characters and environments from over 30 different franchises.[1][2] The Starter Pack, containing the game, the USB toy pad, and three minifigures, was released in September 2015, while additional level packs and characters were released over the following two years. A third year of content was planned, but was cancelled in October 2017.[3][4]


Lego Dimensions features the same style of gameplay as the previous Lego video games developed by Traveller's Tales, in which up to two players control Lego minifigures based on various represented franchises. Players progress through linear levels, using their characters' abilities to solve puzzles, defeat enemies, and attempt to reach the level's end. Characters are entered into the game by placing their respective minifigures onto a USB toy pad, with each character possessing unique abilities that can be used to solve puzzles or reach hidden areas. Using a character from a certain franchise will also unlock that franchise's Adventure World, an open-world area for players to explore and complete in-game objectives.

The Starter Pack includes the toy pad and the game's 14-level main story campaign, which revolves around Batman, Gandalf, and Wyldstyle, while additional levels are made available by purchasing Level Packs and Story Packs. In addition to the minifigures, players can also build models of vehicles, such as the Batmobile, TARDIS, Mystery Machine, or DeLorean, and put them into the game for characters to drive. Completing objectives in the levels and adventure worlds will reward players with gold bricks, which can be used to upgrade vehicles and give them new abilities. Each adventure world also contains a red brick for players to retrieve; these will unlock special bonuses, such as visual modifiers for characters or extra assistance at finding collectible items. Unlike series such as Skylanders, Disney Infinity, and Amiibo, the minifigures, vehicles, and the USB toy pad are all made from real Lego pieces and can be freely built and customized.

All minifigures and vehicles can be used in any available level, though specific figures must be present to initially enter those levels or worlds. An additional feature called "Hire a Hero" was added shortly after the game's launch; this feature allows players to pay in-game currency to temporarily summon characters they do not own in order to complete an otherwise-inaccessible puzzle. The game's second year of content also introduced competitive multiplayer in the form of the Battle Arenas, allowing up to four players to compete in modes such as Capture the Flag. Gold bricks can be used to purchase new power-ups for the Battle Arenas. Certain packs also include exclusive features; for example, the Midway Arcade level pack unlocks playable emulations of over 20 Midway arcade titles, while the Teen Titans Go! packs unlock an exclusive Lego-themed episode of the series that can be viewed in-game.[5][6]


Arriving on Foundation Prime, a planet located in the center of the Lego multiverse, Lord Vortech (Gary Oldman), a being who has the power to shapeshift and travel through dimensions, and his robotic minion X-PO (Joel McHale) seek the twelve Foundation Elements, the cornerstones of time and space itself, in a bid to merge all the dimensions into one under Vortech's control. These Elements, such as the Ruby Slippers, the One Ring, the Flux Capacitor, the Palantir, and Kryptonite, were scattered across the dimensions long ago, but gathered together at Foundation Prime can unlock the power to control all of the dimensions. When X-PO voices his doubts of Vortech's evil plan (as it is too dangerous to harness the Elements safely), Vortech decides that he no longer needs him and banishes him to the planet Vorton. Unfortunately for Vortech, his own body cannot handle too many more dimensional jumps, forcing him to open vortexes to the different dimensions and recruits their villains to help him search for the Elements while imprisoning the heroes pulled through them. These actions damage the boundaries between the dimensions, causing them to merge and characters to be displaced.

When Robin (Scott Menville), Frodo (Yuri Lowenthal), and MetalBeard (Nick Offerman) are pulled into the vortexes, each unknowingly in possession of one of the Elements, Batman (Troy Baker), Gandalf the Grey (Tom Kane), and Wyldstyle (Elizabeth Banks) all jump in after them. The three get pulled into the same vortex and appear on Vorton, where the vortex generator they came out of explodes, prompting them to rebuild it. Aided by X-PO, the three use the generator to travel through the dimensions and search for the Foundation Elements and the five missing Keystones that power the generator (Shift, Chroma, Elemental Phase, Scale, and Locate) hoping to find their missing friends and stop Vortech's plan from succeeding in the process. Along their journey, they meet and assist the various heroes of the dimensions they visit, such as Dorothy Gale (Laura Bailey), Homer Simpson (Dan Castellaneta), Dr. Emmett Brown (Christopher Lloyd), Wheatley (Stephen Merchant), and Scooby-Doo (Frank Welker) while fighting numerous villains, including the Wicked Witch of the West (Courtenay Taylor), Lord Business (Nolan North), the Joker, Master Chen, Saruman the White (Roger L. Jackson), Daleks (Nicholas Briggs), Lex Luthor, the Riddler, Two-Face, Sauron, General Zod, as well as Vortech himself in 1885 Hill Valley and a haunted circus. However, Vortech eventually realizes that X-PO is helping them. The heroes travel to Foundation Prime to find their friends and fight Vortech, but it turns out to be a diversion, allowing the villains to ambush X-PO and retrieve the trio's Foundation Elements in their absence. With all twelve Elements collected, Vortech unlocks the foundation of all the dimensions, a green Lego building plate, and is imbued with near-unlimited power. He merges Robin, Frodo, MetalBeard, and a piece of himself into a giant robot mutant known as the Tri, (Menville, Lowenthal, and Offerman) and sends it to wreak havoc on the trio's worlds. Fearing that a failure could lead to a transformation into a similar mutant, the villains bail out on Vortech.

The heroes free their friends from inside the Tri and destroy the Vortech piece, causing it to implode. After the Tri's defeat, Batman realizes that they will need all the help they can get to defeat Vortech, leading them to recruit the Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi), Mystery Inc., the Ghostbusters, the space ship Defender, and GLaDOS (Ellen McLain) to their cause. While the Doctor, GLaDOS, and X-PO work on a plan to seal Vortech in a rift loop, the heroes head to Foundation Prime, fighting him along the way. With their allies' help, they are able to destroy the Lego plate, which causes Foundation Prime's palace to collapse and infuriates Vortech. He grows to an enormous size and attacks the trio, but the Doctor is able to manipulate the portal technology and sucks all of them into a rift loop. Using a special device he, GLaDOS, and X-PO designed, the heroes are able to seal Vortech in an endless rift prison for all eternity, saving the multiverse.

In a post-credits scene, an unknown figure finds a piece of Vortech's giant body in the remains of Foundation Prime's palace. He picks it up and instantly becomes corrupted, yelling in pain as he converts into a Vorton being. Vortech's laughter is heard as the scene fades out, suggesting that the figure has been transformed into another Vortech.


The game features characters and worlds from thirty different franchises, consisting of:[7]

The game also features character and setting cameos from other franchises, including HAL 9000 from the Space Odyssey series, S.T.A.R. Labs from CW's The Flash, Bedrock from The Flintstones, the family room from The Jetsons, and the DNA ship from Red Dwarf.[8] Unlike other toys-to-life series such as Skylanders and Disney Infinity, Lego Dimensions allows all figures to be compatible with the existing title, rather than releasing a sequel.[9][10]


In addition to the game's starter pack, Lego Dimensions has a wide range of packs available, split into four categories: story packs, level packs, team packs, and fun packs. Packs from the game's second year (September 2016–17) also unlock Adventure World Battle Arenas, competitive four-person multiplayer areas themed after each figure's respective franchise.[11]

Starter Pack

Pack name Contents Release date
Lego Dimensions Starter Pack Lego Dimensions video game 27 September 2015 (North America)
28 September 2015 (Australia)
29 September 2015 (Europe)
Lego Toy Pad
Lego Gateway
Batman (from DC Comics)[a]
Gandalf (from The Lord Of The Rings)
Wyldstyle (from The Lego Movie)

Story packs

Story packs add six new levels to the game based on the represented franchise; these levels retell the story of their respective film, with characters from other franchises making occasional appearances. The packs also include one or two characters, a vehicle or gadget, and a new gateway design for the toy pad. Story packs each also unlock a new keystone for the portal, providing additional abilities.

Franchise Pack name Contents Release date
Ghostbusters Ghostbusters Story Pack Abby Yates[b] 27 September 2016
Zhu's Chinese Restaurant
Six additional Ghostbusters levels
Fantastic Beasts and
Where to Find Them
Fantastic Beasts and
Where to Find Them Story Pack
Newt Scamander[c] 18 November 2016
Six additional Fantastic Beasts levels
The Lego Batman Movie The Lego Batman Movie Story Pack Robin[d] 10 February 2017[12]
Bat Computer
Six additional The Lego Batman Movie levels

Level packs

Level packs contain a character with two items, which are either vehicles or gadgets, along with a new level to play in, based on the represented character's franchise.

Franchise Pack name Contents Release date
Back to the Future Back to the Future Level Pack Marty McFly 27 September 2015
DeLorean Time Machine
Back to the Future
Portal 2[13] Portal 2 Level Pack Chell
Companion Cube
Sentry Turret
Aperture Science
The Simpsons[13] The Simpsons Level Pack Homer Simpson
Homer's Car
The Mysterious Voyage of Homer
Doctor Who[13] Doctor Who Level Pack Twelfth Doctor[e] 3 November 2015[15]
The Dalek Extermination of Earth
Ghostbusters Ghostbusters Level Pack Peter Venkman[f] 19 January 2016
Ghost Trap
Midway Arcade[17] Midway Arcade Level Pack Gamer Kid[18] 15 March 2016
Arcade Machine
G-6155 Spy Hunter
Retro Wreckage[18]
Adventure Time Adventure Time Level Pack Finn the Human[g] 27 September 2016
Ancient War Elephant
A Book and a Bad Guy
Mission: Impossible Mission: Impossible Level Pack Ethan Hunt
IMF Scrambler
IMF Sport Car
Mission: Impossible
Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog Level Pack Sonic the Hedgehog 18 November 2016
Sonic Speedster
The Tornado
Sonic Dimensions
The Goonies The Goonies Level Pack Sloth[h] 9 May 2017
One-Eyed Willy's Pirate Ship
Skeleton Organ
The Goonies

Team packs

Team packs are similar to Fun packs except they contain two characters and a combination of two vehicles or gadgets, one for each character.

Franchise Pack name Contents Release date
Jurassic World[13] Jurassic World Team Pack Owen Grady 27 September 2015
ACU Trooper
Scooby-Doo[13] Scooby-Doo Team Pack Scooby-Doo
Mystery Machine
Scooby Snack
Lego Ninjago Lego Ninjago Team Pack Kai 3 November 2015
Blade Bike
Boulder Bomber
DC Comics[19] DC Comics Team Pack The Joker 19 January 2016
Harley Quinn
The Joker's Chopper
Adventure Time Adventure Time Team Pack Jake the Dog 27 September 2016
Lumpy Space Princess
Lumpy Car
Harry Potter Harry Potter Team Pack Harry Potter
Lord Voldemort
Enchanted Car
Hogwarts Express
Gremlins Gremlins Team Pack Gizmo 18 November 2016
R.C. Racer
Flash 'n' Finish
The Powerpuff Girls The Powerpuff Girls Team Pack Blossom 12 September 2017
PPG Smartphone
Teen Titans Go! Teen Titans Go! Team Pack Beast Boy
Spellbook of Azarath

Fun packs

Fun packs each contain a character from a certain franchise and a gadget or vehicle to play with.

Franchise Pack name Contents Release date
The Lord of the Rings Gollum Fun Pack Gollum 27 September 2015[20][21]
Shelob the Great
Legolas Fun Pack Legolas
Arrow Launcher
Gimli Fun Pack Gimli
Axe Chariot
The Wizard of Oz Wicked Witch Fun Pack Wicked Witch
Winged Monkey
Lego Legends of Chima[13] Laval Fun Pack Laval 27 September 2015§
3 November 2015
Mighty Lion Rider
Cragger Fun Pack Cragger 27 September 2015
Swamp Skimmer
Eris Fun Pack Eris
Eagle Interceptor
The Lego Movie Emmet Fun Pack Emmet Brickowski
Emmet's Excavator
Bad Cop Fun Pack Bad Cop
Police Car
Benny Fun Pack Benny
Benny's Spaceship
Unikitty Fun Pack Unikitty 3 November 2015
Cloud Cuckoo Car
Lego Ninjago Jay Fun Pack Jay 27 September 2015§
3 November 2015
Storm Fighter
Nya Fun Pack Nya 27 September 2015
Samurai Mech
Zane Fun Pack Zane
Sensei Wu Fun Pack Sensei Wu 19 January 2016[22]
Flying White Dragon
Lloyd Fun Pack Lloyd Garmadon 10 May 2016[23]
Lloyd's Golden Dragon
DC Comics Wonder Woman Fun Pack Wonder Woman 27 September 2015
Invisible Jet
Cyborg Fun Pack Cyborg[i]
Superman Fun Pack Superman 15 March 2016[24]
Hover Pod
Aquaman Fun Pack Aquaman
Aqua Watercraft
Bane Fun Pack Bane 10 May 2016
Drill Driver
The Simpsons[13] Bart Simpson Fun Pack Bart Simpson 3 November 2015
Gravity Sprinter
Krusty the Clown Fun Pack Krusty the Clown
Clown Bike
Back to the Future[19] Doc Brown Fun Pack Doc Brown 19 January 2016[15][25]
Traveling Time Train
Doctor Who[13] Cyberman Fun Pack Cyberman
Ghostbusters Stay Puft Fun Pack Stay Puft Marshmallow Man 15 March 2016
Terror Dog
Slimer Fun Pack Slimer 10 May 2016
Slime Shooter
The A-Team A-Team Fun Pack B. A. Baracus[j] 27 September 2016
B.A.'s Van
Fantastic Beasts and
Where to Find Them
Tina Fun Pack Tina Goldstein[k] 18 November 2016
Swooping Evil
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial E.T. Fun Pack E.T.
Phone Home
Adventure Time Marceline Fun Pack Marceline the Vampire Queen 18 November 2016§
10 February 2017
Lunatic Amp
Knight Rider Knight Rider Fun Pack Michael Knight 10 February 2017
21 March 2017
The Lego Batman Movie Excalibur Batman Fun Pack Excalibur Batman 10 February 2017
21 March 2017[26]
Bionic Steed
Lego City Lego City Fun Pack Chase McCain 9 May 2017
Police Helicopter
Harry Potter Hermione Granger Fun Pack Hermione Granger
Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Fun Pack Betelgeuse 12 September 2017
Saturn's Sandworm
The Powerpuff Girls Buttercup Fun Pack Buttercup
Mega Blast Bot
Teen Titans Go! Starfire Fun Pack Starfire
Titan Robot

 : Everywhere in all other countries and Toys "R" Us stores in U.S. only.
^† : Everywhere in all other countries and GameStop stores in U.S. only.
^‡ : Everywhere in all other countries and Target stores in U.S. only.


Polybags are limited-edition releases of a single character figure, distributed only at events and via special offers.

Franchise Pack name Release
DC Comics Green Arrow Distributed via 2016 promotional events, Black Friday retail offers[27][28]
Supergirl PlayStation 4 Starter Pack bundle (timed exclusive)[29]


Aggregate score
Metacritic(PS4) 80/100[30]
(XONE) 80/100[31]
(Wii U) 80/100[32]
Review scores
Destructoid7.5/10 [33]
Game Informer8.75/10 [34]
GameSpot8/10 [35]

Lego Dimensions received "generally favorable reviews", according to review aggregator Metacritic.[30][31][32] IGN awarded it a score of 7.7 out of 10, saying "Lego Dimensions' great characters and fun references consistently left me with a big dumb grin on my face."[36] GameSpot awarded it a score of 8.0, saying "In any game within the toys-to-life genre, there's sometimes an unspoken question: is this also a great toy or just a great game? In Lego Dimensions' case, the answer is easy: it's both." They also praised the open world sections of the game, stating that "While they don't feature the same level of intricacy the main game provides, they do add several more hours each to the overall experience."[35] Polygon awarded it 8 out of 10, saying "Where the game's innovative designs push forward what it means to blend toys and games into a single experience, the writing and both companies' willingness to dig deep into their vaults, pull the whole game together."[37] Good Game: Spawn Point Hosts Bajo and Hex both awarded the game 3 out of 5. Praise was given to the puzzles and mechanics, commenting that it may be their favourite LEGO game. However, they gave harsh criticism to the pricing model. Their summation was that it was "poor value", stating that the last few Lego games were "pretty much as good as this one", but players can play as their extensive character rosters without having to buy expensive expansions."[38]


In the UK and Ireland, Lego Dimensions landed at number 2 on the sales charts in its first week. Sales had surpassed in comparison to first week sales of other 2015 toys-to-life game competitors Skylanders: Superchargers and Disney Infinity 3.0.[39]


List of awards and nominations
Award Category Result
The Game Awards 2015 Best Family Game Nominated[40]
British Academy of Film and Television Arts Game Won[41]


  1. ^ He can transform into his DC Comics counterpart when he enters DC Comics World, and is playable permanently upon purchase of the "Always Batman" Red Brick, located in the Adventure World.
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