Lega Nord Sardinia

Francesco Speroni Giancarlo Giorgetti Roberto Maroni
Northern League Sardinia

Lega Nord Sardinia
SecretaryGiorgio Ladu
PresidentRoberto Mura
IdeologySardinian nationalism
Fiscal federalism
National affiliationLega Nord
Regional Council
8 / 60

Lega Nord Sardinia (English: Northern League Sardinia, LNS) is a regionalist political party in Sardinia.[1]

The party is affiliated to Lega Nord through Roberto Mura (a Lombard senator of Sardinian descent), although it is not yet a recognized "national section" of that party. The practical leader of LNS is Giorgio Ladu, a former national secretary of the social-democratic Sardinian Action Party.[2]

In the 2009 European Parliament election LN won 0.7% in the region. The party was strongest in Ogliastra (5.1%), where Ladu comes from, and in the Province of Olbia-Tempio (1.9%).[3] In the 2010 provincial elections the party won 2.9% in Ogliastra (where Ladu won 3.0% as candidate for President), 1.5% in Olbia-Tempio, 0.8% in Sassari and 0.4% in Cagliari.[4]

In the 2014 European Parliament election LN won 1.4% in the region, doing better in the Province of Olbia-Tempio (2.4%) than anywhere else.[5]

In the run-up of the 2018 general election the list of Lega Nord (under the signet "Lega - Salvini Premier") in the Sardinian constituencies included some candidates of the Sardinian Action Party (PSd'Az), with whom an electoral pact was stated.[6][7][8][9] The alliance managed to get 10.8% of the vote and Christian Solinas, leader of the PSd'Az, was elected to the Senate,[10] while Guido De Martini, a local activist of the LN,[11] was elected to the Chamber.[12]

In the 2019 regional election the League supported Christian Solinas, from the Sardinian Action Party, for election to the presidency of Sardinia. The candidate (who was supported also by Forza Italia, Brothers of Italy, and other parties) won 47.8% of the vote. The League was the leading force of the coalition, gaining 11.4% and 8 seats (out of 60) in the regional council.[13]

Popular support

The electoral results of Lega Nord Sardinia in the region are shown in the table below.

1987 general 1989 European 1992 general 1994 European 1999 European 2004 European 2006 general 2009 European 2013 general 2014 European 2018 general 2019 regional
0.4[a] 0.1[b] 0.3 0.2 0.1 0.2 0.4 0.7 0.1 1.4 10.8 11.4


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