Leader of the Opposition (New Brunswick)

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The Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Assembly of the Province of New Brunswick, Canada is a title traditionally held by the leader of the largest party not in government.

The leader of the Opposition is often seen as the alternative Premier to the present incumbent, and heads a rival alternative government known as the Shadow Cabinet or Opposition Front Bench.

List of opposition leaders

A cohesive and consistent official opposition first formed when A. G. Blair formed the Liberal party in the early 1880s. Previously oppositions occasionally organized over major issues such as anti-prohibitionists led by John Hamilton Gray in the mid-1850s, and pro-Confederationists under Charles Fisher in 1865-1866.

Name Party Took Office Left Office
 Andrew G. BlairLiberal18791883
 Daniel L. HaningtonConservative18831892
 Alfred Augustus StocktonConservative18921899
 John Douglas HazenConservative18991908
 Clifford W. RobinsonLiberal19081912
 Arthur Bliss CoppLiberal1912 1912
 Louis-Auguste DugalLiberal1912 1917
 James Alexander MurrayConservative19171920
 John B. M. BaxterConservative19201921
 Charles D. RichardsConservative19211925
 Peter VeniotLiberal1925 1926
 Allison DysartLiberal1926 1935
 Frederick C. SquiresConservative19351939
 Hugh MackayProgressive Conservative19401948
 Hugh John FlemmingProgressive Conservative19491952
 Austin Claude TaylorLiberal1952 1957
 Joseph E. ConnollyLiberal1957 1958
 Louis RobichaudLiberal1958 1960
 Hugh John FlemmingProgressive Conservative19601960
 Cyril SherwoodProgressive Conservative19601966
 Charles Van HorneProgressive Conservative19671967
 Richard HatfieldProgressive Conservative19671970
 Louis RobichaudLiberal1970 1971
 Robert HigginsLiberal1971 1978
 Joseph DaigleLiberal19781981
 Doug YoungLiberal19821983
 Ray FrenetteLiberal19831985
 Shirley DysartLiberal19851985
 Frank McKennaLiberal19851987
 Camille Thériault[1]Liberal19871991
 Danny CameronConfederation of Regions19911995
 Ab RectorConfederation of Regions19951995
 Greg HargroveConfederation of Regions19951995
 Bernard ValcourtProgressive Conservative19951997
 Elvy RobichaudProgressive Conservative19971998
 Bernard LordProgressive Conservative19981999
 Camille TheriaultLiberal19992001
 Bernard RichardLiberal20012002
 Shawn GrahamLiberal20022006
 Bernard LordProgressive Conservative20062007
 Jeannot VolpéProgressive Conservative20072008
 David AlwardProgressive Conservative20082010
 Victor BoudreauLiberal20102013
 Brian GallantLiberal20132014
 Bruce FitchProgressive Conservative20142016
 Blaine HiggsProgressive Conservative20162018
 Brian GallantLiberal20182019
 Denis LandryLiberal2019present


  1. ^ The Liberals won all seats in the Legislative Assembly in the 1987 election. Camille Thériault was appointed by Premier Frank McKenna as Opposition Leader to ensure proper Parliamentary functions. During that time, no opposition leader, in the sense of the office being held by the leader of the largest non-governing political party, existed.