L'appartement 22

Internet radio Morocco Mona Hatoum

L'appartement 22 is an independent, collaborative project founded by Abdellah Karroum and based in Rabat, Morocco.

The first such space in Morocco, it has since inspired a number of artist-run spaces and collectives. From its first exhibition « JF_JH individualités » in October 2002, L'appartement 22 has consistently featured challenging and exciting contemporary arts programming of international acclaim. Its artist residencies, workshops, lectures, symposia, film and video screenings, and exhibitions resonate in Rabat, throughout the country, and abroad. The art space function as a cooperative inspired by traditional systems when farmers collectively work on extraction of olive oil and its distribution allowing exchange and diversity and transfer of knowledge.

In November 2007, Karroum announced that L'appartement 22 would become the country's first cultural internet radio station R22.[1]

L'appartement 22's authors and artists include: